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Back to work!

It’s back to work today for our summer session, so I’ve started a new carrying project to keep me busy during my downtimes.  I’ve also been playing with my new toy…

I bought a ballwinder from Joanns to use with finer yarns.  The yarn above is the sea silk I’m using for the Montego Bay scarf, from the current Interweave Knits.  Before I wound the scarf I cut 200 pieces of fringe, which I have carefully placed in a ziploc bag, where hopefully they will not tangle before I need them.

The lace pattern is really very easy, and I would recommend this scarf!  My only problem so far is the gauge… it’s supposed to finish out at 7″ wide, and I’m having trouble with that.  I started out on the recommended size 8 needles, but that turned out huge, so I frogged and restarted on size 7s (above.)  It’s still an inch too wide, so I may try yet another needle size.  I am a somewhat loose knitter, so I’m sure I will get there!  The sea silk is lovely so far!

I worked a bunch more repeats on the bedjacket border last night, and it’s possible I may be able to complete the knitting tonight.  I need to get to blocking my pieces so I can be ready to seam!