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Once again, yarn cures my ills.

Well, it doesn’t cure them, but it does make them much better.  I’m feeling very generally unwell today (I feel achy, I’d better not be getting the flu!)

This is Rowanspun 4-ply in midnight, $20 shipped (!) from the UK for 10 skeins.  It is a great bargain, and I could not resist the tweedy goodness.   I love ebay!  I’m going to make Hypotenuse from Knitspot, for which I already own the pattern.  Mine, however, will not be manlance.  It will be lace for me!

I have been working on the bedjacket, and I have completed the stockinette portions of the back, one front, and one sleeve.  Don’t get too excited… this sweater is 50% edgings, which I haven’t even begun.  So far my size mod is working out perfectly, and it is coming out in between the two smallest sizes.  It looks teeny here, but that’s only because it needs edgings desperately.

This table sucks the color out of everything, it is actually very green.  I think today I will start one of the edgings, so that my stockinette mojo doesn’t run out of speed.