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Bedjacket beginning

Last night I cast on for Orangina, but I made a mistake in the lace pattern, so I ripped and will start again later. Sundays are hard for me, and yesterday was unusually hard as I had to take on 2 more services than I usually do (and I was cantoring, which is harder on me than playing… singing can make you physically tired.) I couldn’t concentrate on lace, so I decided the knitting gods were telling me to start the bedjacket instead. Here are my beginnings!

The cotton fleece is (as always) lovely to work with. I made several swatches before beginning this project. The pattern calls for using size 9 needles, which just seems crazy, so I swatched with size 8, 7, and 6. Cotton Fleece is practically identical to Cascade Sierra (the recommended yarn) but is maybe just a touch finer. I found that I liked the fabric I got on size 6 needles, so I am knitting the size small on size 6s, in order to end up with something in between the two smallest sizes.

I’m also knitting this sweater on Addi Turbo needles, which is a switch for me. I always use my KP options, but I happened to have a size 6 addi turbo, which I bought in desperation after I wore all the nickel off my first set of KP options size 6 (I use size 6 a lot… I have since bought new tips.) I wanted something a bit less sharp in order to avoid splitting the yarn (cotton fleece is lovely, but it does split) and they seem to be working nicely for that.

I may start another tank at the same time as this sweater, as we aren’t exactly in cardigan weather… I will see. I’m really not good with multiple projects. I’m very single minded that way, which is why I only have one long term UFO (my second clapotis. I got bored.)

4 thoughts on “Bedjacket beginning

  1. Cotton Fleece on Addi Turbos is a lovely combo! One of my favorite yarns, and definitely my very favorite kind of needle! I’m tempted to try the KP Options, just for the cost, but I’m afraid it just won’t live up to Addis :/

  2. I can’t wait to see more, this is one of my favorite patterns ever. I bought that book because that alone makes it worth it.

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