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FO: Boteh scarf

Pattern: Boteh Scarf, Interweave Crochet Spring/Summer 07

Yarn: Cherry Tree hill supersock in Green Mountain Madness, 1 skein

Hook: US size F

Notes:  Wow, scarves take me forever to finish, don’t they?  I’m happy with how this came out.  There is an error in the pattern (correction here)  resulting in me restarting this scarf after I was halfway finished.  It was fun and not too repetative, but crochet tends to hurt my wrists, so I took it very slowly.  I did find the border to be a bit confusing, so I fudged a bit and I’m happy with how mine came out.  It isn’t terribly long, but I extended it a bit in blocking, so now it’s fine I think.  I would recommend this pattern, especially to anyone with some sock yarn to use up.  I’m pleased that this yarn will not be hidden in my shoes.  I think the colors are so pretty!



21 thoughts on “FO: Boteh scarf

  1. Pretty scarf! I don’t wear them, so I don’t make them, but I could see myself wearing that one. And I have some pretty sock yarn I don’t want to hide in my shoes either. Thanks for the suggestion.

  2. Wow, this scarf is really pretty. Too bad it hurt your wrists. Wonder if it was the crocheting or this scarf in particular?! I tend to have problems with my wrists when I knit sometimes, so perhaps this isn’t anything for me. Too bad…

  3. It’s the first time I read your blog, I’m sure you’ll be hearing more of me, though! It’s amazing the amount of sweaters you’ve knitted! And how pretty they end up looking like!

    Ansious to see your next post!
    Chuana 🙂

  4. So pretty! I’ve got two beautiful skeins of Cherry Tree Hill – I think one of them needs to become this!

  5. I love the scarf. I think I am going to have to make this. I don’t have any sock yarn to speak of much, but this gives me a great excuse to buy some!

  6. Your scarf looks great! You chose a gorgeous colour, very nice! I’ve got a second one on the go now, for my daughter.

  7. Hey! Your scarf is lovely. And lovely on you.
    I’m so glad you finished it after your scary start.
    The mistake wasn’t mine, I assure you. Heh.

  8. I’m so glad I did a web search for others who made the Boteh before I began it… THANK YOU for taking the time to post a link to the correction! You’ve no doubt saved me some frustration!

    Your scarf is just lovely.

  9. I don’t know if you’ll get this (one year later), but your scarf is WAY prettier than the original pattern piece. I think I will use some of that sock yarn that would’ve been too delicate/colorful for socks–Thanks for the great inspiration!

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