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Deciding is hard…

The worst part about finishing a project for me is that I have to decide on the next.  I have so many that I want to make, it’s really hard for me to commit.  In the past two days I’ve worked on my Boteh Scarf (nearly finished, but crochet hurts me sometimes) and done some swatching.  I actually cast on for the Summertime Tunic in the current Interweave Knits, but I’m not sure that the style would suit me, and that is an awful lot of stockinette for something that may not suit.

I swatched for Orangina in the blue cotton I bought yesterday, and I am very happy with the results.  I plan on leaving 2 pattern repeats out to make the sweater smaller.

I’ve also decided which yarn I will use to make the Bedjacket from Knitting Lingerie Style.  This is cotton fleece in Peridot.

It’s actually a bit lighter than it looks there.  And yes, I have a cotton fleece problem.  Now I have to decide which size to make.  The two smallest are 30″ and 34.5″ and that’s a big gap. I’ll have to think about it some.  I don’t mind starting this before the KAL begins, because I’m also planning on making the lace top in some discontinued Debbie Bliss cotton DK.

I think Dionne is so sweet when she lies on the radiators.  I don’t think she enjoys being snuck up on with a camera when she’s stalking Peacocks.  They keep Peacocks in the cemetary at the end of the street, and they are always escaping, much to Dionne’s delight.