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FO: 80s Sweater Project

Pattern: Berroco pattern,  from a 1986 issue of “Fashion Knitting”

Yarn: Berroco Glace in Fawn, 8 skeins for size S

Needles: US 5 and 8

Notes: I love this sweater!  Putting it on instantly takes me back in time, and I find myself with the urge to get out the blue eyeshadow and wear legwarmers when my legs aren’t cold!  It’s the kind of sweater my cool older cousin wore back in the 80s, while I was stuck wearing crewneck sweatshirts we decorated in girl scouts and jeans that were not even acid washed.

*Ahem.*  Sorry, I got off track there, but I am excited by the fabulous eighties-ness of this sweater.   The yarn was nice – it wasn’t the best yarn ever, but neither was it the nightmare I had heard.  The fabric it produces is fabulously drapey, and the ribbon texture produced a nice interesting fabric (without venturing into novelty yarn land the way some ribbons do.)  If anyone wants to make this sweater, I’ve seen tons of copies of this issue up on ebay for really cheap.  You’ll recognize it because there is a sweater with bunny rabbits on the cover.  I made this sweater without any mods except for leaving out the bobbles.  It doesn’t really do the blouson thing on me, but I think that’s because I’m a bit smaller than the pattern was written for.  I’m not upset – I like the kind of tunic-y look.

We had so much fun with this photoshoot!  The gates and wall are from the really old cemetery at the end of our street.  I’ll leave you with more pictures!


18 thoughts on “FO: 80s Sweater Project

  1. This doesn’t really scream ’80’s to me at all….. I mean, it REALLY did on the booklet model, but I think it’s because of her poofy hair…AND the way it blousons on her (I think that’s what I remember most about the ’80’s — tight folds and blouson-ing things! Remember how we used to roll our jeans??)

    This reminds me more of the ’60’s sweater you want to knit. Very classic design at any rate! Great photos!

  2. How cute! I have to admit that I was *curious* how this sweater would turn out but it is totally cute! I love the color and you look so cute in your photographs! You might just bring the 80s back with that sweater! 😀

  3. I agree that it doesn’t scream 80’s, but it might if you knitted up some legwarmers to go with it. Beautiful job. I didn’t think I’d like it (the 80’s were my high school years, so I’m not sure anything will make me nostalgic for them), but I do really like the finished product.

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