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The back of the 80s sweater is finished!  Here’s a picture of the design at the top.

Sorry for the focus, my camera doesn’t like late afternoon sunlight.  It took me forever to get through this part because the directions were unclear and maybe had a few mistakes.  I just did what looked right to me, and I’m happy with it!  I put the shoulder stitches on holders to use a three needle bind off later.  That’s one of my favorite tips, because I just hate the way my shoulder seams look otherwise.

I can’t wait to wear this one, so I’m going to hustle to cast on the back.  It’s all stockinette, so it should go much faster.   I’m using the combined knitting method for the ribbing, and I’m super pleased with that.  It does take longer, but it’s so even that it looks machine knit!  I was worried about size, because this sweater claims to be a size 8-10, but I think it’s going to work out.  Sizing was different in the 80s, it seems that I keep wearing smaller and smaller sizes now.

I ended up ripping the shoulderette.  I wasn’t happy with the pooling, so I’m going to make it again with non-variegated sport weight yarn.  I still want to find a use for this ball of yarn, since it’s all wound up and everything.  I’m thinking about Wendy’s “Dream swatch” headband from Knit and Tonic.  I made a swatch so I could practice the pattern, and I’m not sure I’m doing it right.

I like how the yarn looks in this pattern,  and I know the color will look good with my hair.  The problem?  I’m not sure my crossed stiches should be so loose (this is after blocking.)  Those of you who have made this, did you have this problem?  I know there are a few errors up there, so no need to mention those… how did you keep from getting confused on the order of purling after the cross?  Perhaps I am doing something wrong.  This is with size 4 needles.  I do plan on modifying the pattern so that there are fewer crossover rows.

Yesterday I picked up my wedding dress, and I love it!  It’s the one below, only in off white with a dark brown band.  It’s beautiful, although it definitely cinches you in (I can’t eat til the wedding… oh well!)

I tried on lots of different shoe types and decided that I only liked it with ballet flats and tiny kitten heels.  I’m deciding between these shoes:


I’ll have to try both on with the dress before I decide.  I do like the idea of wearing flats…

8 thoughts on “halfway!

  1. Oh, the kitten heels if you can stand them! (I wore flats, because otherwise I’d have towered over my husband, and they were really comfortable, but I love those little heels with the shorter dress.)

  2. I had to crash diet two weeks before my wedding to fit into my dress too — the lady at the bridal shop neglected to tell me that my ‘perfect sizing’ allowed for 0 ease….in a beaded sheath dress!

    Your dress IS lovely though! Glad you chose ivory — pure, shiny white really washes most brides out…I’m also going vote the kitten heels!

    Great progress on the sweater!

  3. I’m actually reading your back-issue blogs (‘vintage’?) to cheer myself up! Getting over a cold & some professional standstills.

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