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New interweave

I had to go out to pick up all the bridesmaid dresses today, and while I was out I stopped by Borders for the new Interweave.  And I have to confess… I was a little bit disappointed.

The Good: I love several of the designs, such as the ogee lace shirt, the josephine top, and the summertime tunic.  I think I would even be tempted by that little lace skirt thing.  And the sea silk scarf?  I’m definitely making that.  I’m all about 1 skein scarves.  I still like the redesign well enough, although this issue seems a little cluttered.

The Bad: I’m going to go ahead and say it… the sizing.  Three of the designs I really like (the josephine top, the ogee blouse, and the cover sweater) do not come in sizes small enough for me.  It’s not like I’m asking the world – while I really would like a 32″ size, I could be happy with a 34.  Don’t the Interweave editors know how many people knit the 34″ size?   It’s not just this issue… I have this problem a lot with Interweave designs, both in the magazines and in their books.  I really hope this is something that changes under the new editorship, because it’s been a consistent problem for me, and I know I’m not the only one.   The josephine top and the lace blouse are my favorites, and now I can’t knit them without rewriting the pattern.  Boo.

I am planning the summertime tunic already (I want to use up some shine sport!) and the scarf, so it isn’t a bust… and I think I could rewrite the Josephone top at least to fit me (I’d like a 34 in that, so that it has a bit of ease but not too much.)

Now that I’ve been all negative, I’ll talk about the projects I’m working on.  I cast on for the ribbing of the 80s berroco sweater, and it’s going well.

My tip for working with Glace?  Putting the ball in a ziploc bag, nearly closing it, and feeding the yarn out a bit at a time.  This keeps the ribbon from twisting and makes the stitches nice and even.

And the shoulderette is going nicely.  The color was more true in yesterday’s photo, and I think it is growing on me.   Now we’ll see if I actually wear it when it’s finished!

Coming  soon: my reviews of “Runway style” and “Knitting lingerie style”

14 thoughts on “New interweave

  1. Good tip on the ziploc. It occurs to me that could work in lots of situations (slippery yarn, balls that tend to roll away, multiple colors). I’ll have to give it a try.

  2. I’m with you on the sizing issues. I didn’t buy this issue primarily because of this problem. We’ll have to see what Eunny will do with it.

  3. It’s a problem that leaves both smaller and larger than normal women feeling left out. It would be nice if they used some bigger models from time to time. Like many magazines, IK seems to have a size-ist bias toward women with single digit dress sizes.

    I wonder if they patrol the blogs for feedback like this?

  4. The new editor of IK mag, Eunny Jang, actually has a blog ( ) I’m sure she wouldn’t mind some constructive suggestions on how to make the magazine better.
    The Boteh scarf in your last post is gorgeous!
    ‘Look forward to reading your upcoming book reviews–I lurve book reviews :>

  5. I also passed on IK. I haven’t bought an issue in months, mostly because I find I don’t knit enough patterns out of magazines to warrant buying them. Strange, considering that I buy magazines by the boatload it seems.

  6. No, you’re definitely not the only one with sizing issues! I consistantly have the same problem as you too. In fact, that’s my main complaint about Fitted Knits, half the patterns start at a 36″ bust!

  7. Nope, I have sizing issues too. 33.4″ bust, 24″ waist, long torso. Usually, I compensate with gauge, because it’s easier than rewriting the entire pattern. Being a couple of stitches short while achieving row gauge will solve many problems if you aren’t knitting a raglan.

  8. I hadn’t even noticed that sizing problem yet and I have the issue… I’m not quite as petite as you are, but still – I’ve noticed that I’m always the smallest size (or less). And I think I’m “average-sized.” One of the reasons I’m afraid to knit a top is I don’t yet know how to compensate for my shape!

  9. Sorry about the sizing issue — I’m sure that’s annoying. I usually fall right in the middle of the size range, so it doesn’t really affect me, but I know that my tall, loooooong-torsoed, naturally thin younger sister has sizing woes. While I think it’s fantastic when designers size patterns up, the needs of knitters on the other end of the size spectrum still exist, too! 🙂

  10. If you play around with the ease – making sure not to pick stretch fabrics as well as going down a needle size in certain areas, you should be fine. I’m the other end of the spectrum with a larger bust size. I go up a needle size during that part of the pattern and than go back down for other areas. With some extra waist shapping and one or two needle sizes down, you’ll be in good shape.

  11. I agree about the IK issue, and I use the ziploc technique for many projects. I have 2 small children and 1 large cat……keeps things contained. Also, I tagged you over at my blog for the Seven Random Facts Meme….it’s all because of the fitted knits KAL. Smile, you’re it!!

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