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FO: A-line tank

Pattern: A-line tank, Knitsimple Spring/summer 07

Yarn: Berroco Nostalgia, 4.5 balls to make the smallest size

Needles: US 8

Notes: I’ve been pretty quiet about finishing this tank, mostly because the back and front are so similar that they didn’t make for interesting pictures. This was a super fast knit (I’ve actually been finished for 2 days, but I was waiting for a nice day for photos) and I’m pleased with the results. I was not, however, pleased by the yarn. It was so easy to snag that it really drove me nuts, and it didn’t slide off the needles very easily either. I would not use it again – there are too many nice cotton blends on the market to bother with an annoying one! I knit the ribbing on this tank in combined knitting, which really does seem to have helped out my stitches. I would not use it all the time because it’s too slow, and because I don’t have tension problems in stockinette, but I love it for knitting ribbing flat. I used garter stitch seaming to sew up the sides, and it really blends in nicely with the reverse stockinette. I’m not thrilled with the arm or neck edging, because the garter stitch there doesn’t seem to blend well with the stitches, but oh well. I can wear it without a tank, but I think I prefer the security of wearing something tight under such a loose garment. The yarn is a heavy worsted, which does seem a bit odd for a summer sweater, but the heaviness allows the tank to hold its shape. The picture below on the left shows the swinginess. I’m a bit worried about this being so different from my usual style, but overall I think it’s a super cute trendy item, and one that didn’t take forever – so who cares if it goes out of style next year? I would definitely recommend knitting this. If you decide to make this sweater, I would try to stick with a size that has a bit of negative ease in the bust – I made a size with 2″ negative ease, and it really helps to keep the blousiness from getting out of hand.

16 thoughts on “FO: A-line tank

  1. Fantastic job!

    I wish I could finish things as quickly as you seem to. Although, my ability to finish anything is severely hampered by the fact that I have at least ten projects on the needles at a time.

  2. Your top looks great on you! And your notes were very helpful (concerning the negative ease advice)to me as I also plan to knit up this cute top.

  3. Your tank looks great! Thanks for mentioning about making it smaller, I will keep that in mind if I make this one. I am finished with the front of the Blue Boatneck tank. Hopefully I will have pics soon.

    I hate to do this, but I am tagging you for a meme! Just visit my blog for the details.

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