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Got vintage patterns?

Because I have!

Does the shrug pattern in the picture on the right look familiar? How about now? Yes, I bought an entire ginormous lot of knitting patterns just in order to get my hands on the original (the one in the link is the update from vintage styles for today… but I like the original better. No weird gaping armholes.) There are a ton of books here – mostly women’s fashions from the 1950s, but there are also a few wonderful crochet books and a few for children, plus maybe one book of men’s sweaters. I’m not keeping all of these – I have one that is a duplicate, and there are several that I know I will never use. The 50s aren’t my favorite style era – that would be the 1940s (which I also have books of knitting patterns from)- but they are close. A lot of these patterns are for “bulky knits,” which for reasons I don’t understand seems to mean up to 6 st/in, but that’s ok. The patterns that are edging towards the 60s are lacking in the shaping department. That’s why I don’t love 60s design, it’s all too straight. That doesn’t work for me, I just look like I’m wearing a sack and gained 15 lbs.

Anyway, since I have this bounty of great books, I’m thinking of starting a new feature on the blog. Every so often I’ll type up a pattern from one of the really old books and post it, along with other pictures from the book to peruse. I know I’ve found other blogs that do this to be very helpful, and I think it would be fun (I’m a freak who enjoys typing this up on the computer… probably because I never use the computer at work.)

What do you all think?

Oh! And I also got the Knitpicks yarn I ordered awhile back when they were having their luxury yarn sale. I haven’t ordered from Knitpicks since last fall, but I couldn’t resist Panache for $3.99 a ball (instead of… what? 6.99?) Here’s what I got: (I must be in a blue phase, although they are not as similar as they look here)

Clockwise from top left: Shadow in Jewel Heather, Gloss in Dusk, Panache in dusk.

L to R: Ambrosia in Horizon, Andean Treasure in Lilac.

The Panache is unbelievably soft, and I’m pondering what to make with my 5 balls. Any suggestions? The Gloss is beautiful, with a lovely sheen from the silk, and the lace yarn is just gorgeous. The only color that looks a bit different from the website is the Ambrosia, which looked like a more clear blue, but it’s still lovely. The Andean treasure is softer than the ambrosia, but I can’t lie… they’re all so wonderful that I wish the weather was cold again!

The Jewel heather needs a closeup to show how lovely it actually is.

I have 880 yards… what could I make with that? I prefer stoles over triangle shawls, but I’m flexible…

7 thoughts on “Got vintage patterns?

  1. Wow, I love the jewel heather color! As soon as you asked for suggestions, I thought of the Icarus shawl in Interweave (summer 2006), but it is a triangular shawl so I’m not sure if it will be the best fit for you…Nevertheless, I think it would be beautiful as an Icarus! Enjoy your new yarn!

  2. How about Eunny Jang’s “Print ‘o the Wave” stole? Free pattern available as a pdf on her site. Looks like you’d have just the right amount of the KP Shadow….

  3. I love the vintage pattern idea. It’s really fun to see what’s out there that our knitting-grandmothers (and mothers) made! Also, I can’t believe how many swatches you are doing! It’s so inspiring- I’ve never been one to swatch.

  4. I am looking for an old child’s Scandinavian sweater pattern. It was in New Horizon Style No. 819 and found on page 46. I especially need the first page for directions for finishing. Thanks.

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