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So far my plan is working

I finally got tired of swatching and cast on for a new sweater.  I’m making the A-line tank from the current KnitSimple, out of Berroco Nostalgia.

No, that’s not the back side.  This tank is knit in reverse stockinette stitch with knit ribbing details.  I sure am glad that I got all that reverse practice on the $1.50 cardigan!  I’m really pleased with how my stitches look here.  This sweater is wide and swingy at the waist, and decreases to a normal size at the bodice.  I’m quite fond of this style, so I can’t wait to get this knit up!  I bought 5 balls of Nostalgia, and I’ve gotten 5″ of the front out of the first ball.  Hopefully I should have enough, but I think it will be very close!  I’m not too worried, since the sweater will keep getting smaller (and using less yarn) as I knit higher.

I have another swatch today.  It’s Elann’s new Callista yarn – a blend of viscose, cotton, and linen.  This yarn did not wish to behave in stockinette.  I went to the smallest size on the band (it calls for sz 3-5) and I still didn’t like how the stitches were laying.  So I thought “hmm… maybe this yarn wants to be lace…”  and I was right!

The dominant fiber here seems to be the linen.  It also has a slightly “natural” smell, and I wonder if that is the linen .  I’ll be honest, this isn’t my favorite yarn ever, but I am pleased with the swatch above.  I think it would be a nice sub for Euroflax sport (they have approx. the same gauge) and am considering making the Tuxedo top out of the new Interweave in this yarn.   Otherwise, I may make a simple lacy stole out of this, or else destash it to someone who will appreciate its qualities (I think I just don’t like linen.)

2 thoughts on “So far my plan is working

  1. Linen gets softer as you knit it, and softer still each time you wash it. I love the stitch definition in that swatch, and I’m guessing once it softens up, you will probably like it more, too. It drapes really nicely, and holds its shape well (good for lace).

  2. I’m thinking of Callista for the Beachcomber Tunic in the spring/summer issue of Interweave Crochet.I really like the color you used – can you tell me which it is?

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