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Not so hard!

I’m proud to announce that I have made a good start on my very first doily!

It’s going much more quickly than I had imagined.  What I really like about this project is that every round is different, so something interesting is always going on, but it lacks the fearfulness that comes with knitting  (I fear the dropped stitch or mistake in knitting lace, even though I do love how it comes out.)  It looks like the edges are curling in this photo, but they actually don’t.  I was trying to take the photo in a hurry, before the cat could run off with my crochet.

I’m still in mad swatching mode.  I’m really starting to enjoy the act of swatching!

Elann Peruvian Highland Wool


This yarn calls for a size 6 or 7 needle.  This swatch is with size 6 needles, as I thought it wasn’t feeling right on the size 7s.  Before blocking I got 5.25 st/in, and after blocking the wool settled in to 5st/in.  The fabric also softened noticeably after washing, to the point where I was actually suprised.  I felt that it was kind of stiff and hairy before blocking, but now I have totally changed my opinion.  This is a very nice value yarn.  It’s no merino, but I think it would be great for anything you don’t wear right up against your skin (well, I would wear it there, but I’m immune to most itchiness.)  I may try another swatch on 7s, to see if I can get 4.5 st/in easily, or if the yarn really likes 5 st/in.  The color (Mocha cream) has even grown on me.  This is definitely nicer than Knitpicks Wool of the Andes yarn, and it comes in a better selection of colors in my opinion.

I still have a bit more swatching to do, but then I’m going to start either the Kasbah sweater or the A-line tank.  Both projects look promising, and it is getting warmer every day here!  Last night we went for a long walk – it was so nice, I didn’t have church because of the Derby.  I love walking around our neighborhood and looking at the pretty old houses.  Hopefully we can make that a habit!

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