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My friend, insomnia

I would not be nearly so productive a knitter if I did not suffer from insomnia most of the time.  Well… it’s not so much insomnia, as it is my body refusing to follow the same schedule as anyone else’s.  I can sleep, it’s just that never once in my life have I been able to go to be at 10pm and actually fall asleep.  So I’m usually up when other people are asleep, giving me lots of knitting time (fortunately this works out well for me, since I teach at night.)

Here’s what I accomplished on the Britannia sweater last night:

Yes, I know my ribbing has seen better days.  It always looks like that.  Fortunately, it looks just fine when stretched, so I’m not really one to worry.  It’s actually K,P,K in the raised sections, which is why it looks odd unstretched.  I am not a knitting perfectionist.  I am so in love with the RYC Lucury cotton.  I even love the way it smells which is just weird for me.

This morning in my email I received this:

Yes, Berroco has pleased me again.  You can find the pattern here.  This is knit in Bonsai, as most of their free patterns have been lately.  I happen to have exactly the called for amount of Bonsai in my stash.  I may like this better than either of my other pattern choices (from the Bonsai pattern booklet.)  The smallest size is a 33, and I would really prefer a 32, but come on… this is a vest.  It can be fixed.  Yes, they call it a tank, but we all know what it is.  Damn you Berroco… you have my number lately!  There is another tank free this week, which is cute but not for me.

We’re going to Cincinnati tonight.  This weekend will be crazy for me – I have lots of church services, and I’m singing in a recital Saturday night.  But next week I am off – it is Derby week (I’m in Louisville you know) and that’s practically a holiday, right?