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Destashing and a new project

I’ve been swatching like crazy, and I finally decided on a new project.  It’s Britannia, a free pattern from Berroco, in RYC luxury cotton.

The pattern tells you to twist your ribbed stitches (ie, Knit and purl into the back look).  I completed an inch and a half that way before I decided it would drive me mad (this sweater has a lot of ribbing) so I ripped out and I’m doing regular ribbing.  Twisting the ribbing made it less stretchy, and made the knit stitches stand out on the RS but… I can live without it.  When stretched (as it will be) the ribbing appears almost identical anyway.  Could the twisted stitches be because the original yarn called for was bonsai, a bamboo ribbon yarn?  Anyway, it seems fine this way, and I’m much more happy.

I really like the Luxury cotton, which is very soft and ever so slightly stretchy.  It does split like mad, but I’m learning to deal with it.

I’m doing some destashing, if you’re interested in anything feel free to drop me a line!  I’m mostly getting rid of anything even faintly tweedy, as I’ve found that it is far too hard on my hands.  Lovely yarns though!