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It isn’t cheating!

Finishing a sleeveless sweater sometimes feels like cheating. I was chugging along on Lorelei, and then all of a sudden I was… done? Weird. Now she’s blocking on the dining room table.

More coming in an FO post soon!

I would like to thank everyone who helped me out with my problems with the Boteh scarf – I even got a comment from the scarf’s designer! It really helped me out. And for anyone making this scarf now – make sure that each triangle begins with two full rows of HDC before you begin decreasing. The chart is correct. I’m back on track now, thanks to all the lovely people who patiently explained where I should be to the chart deficient person!

I’ve been swatching as well. I swatched some Berroco Ultra silk again, since I seem to be unable to achieve an exact gauge for Nadine. Ah well… I will take out a few stitches and it will be fine. I also swatched this

for this

The yarn is RYC Luxury cotton dk, a cotton/viscose/silk blend. I want to sub it for the Berroco bonsai called for in this pattern. It’s very different because it isn’t a ribbon yarn, but it is very soft and drapey like the bonsai.

Here’s a curious fact about my knitting: it’s very difficult for me to get different gauges by changing needle sizes. I must automatically adjust my tension. Most DK yarns get 5st/in on my needles. This one recommends 5.5. This swatch is on the recommended needle size. I also get 5st/in going one size up. I also swatched some RYC silk wool DK yesterday, with the same results. I’ve made patterns that need 5.5 st/in before, and I’ve had to go down like 3 needle sizes.

But I need 5st/in for this pattern anyway, so all is well!

I’m not convinced on this yarn for this pattern, but it really is the best sub yarn I have in stash. It’s a nice yarn, but it is crazy splitty. It will probably not be my next project… I’m going to have to go consider what I want to work on next!

11 thoughts on “It isn’t cheating!

  1. Can you tell me who makes the Lorelai pattern? I’ve tried to find it both on your blog and on the web and I somehow have missed it. It is adorable! Thanks.

  2. You are a master knitter extraordinaire! Every time I turn around you’ve got a new FO – Rock on! Can’t wait to see modeled pics of Lorelei 🙂

  3. The Boteh is looking good… mine’s on display at the yarn store I work in.

    Just a quick comment about knitting to gauge. Keep in mind that if you need 5.5 sts and you’re getting 5 sts/inch, you need to go down a needle size, not up. As well, some knitters benefit by using two different sized needles, one for the knit side (which is usually knit tighter) and a smaller one for the purl side (which most knitters knit looser).

  4. I’m doing the Boteh now and stuck starting the 2nd triangle. Am I correct in thinking that the 2nd triangle starts from the side where all those DTRs are on the 1st? I think I’ve been looking at the chart the wrong way, but your picture makes it more clear.

  5. Hello:
    do you think you could coy the pattern for me. I am a knitter and would like to try this crochet project.
    thank you

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