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It’s possible that I might be suffering the agony of defeat… Case in point: my Boteh scarf.

It looks pretty there, right?  I think it’s pretty.  The problem is, I also think that it’s wrong.  Here’s the model photo, which is not terribly helpful.

A kind reader emailed to tell me that they thought I might have an error.  I have seen several Boteh’s that look like mine, and also several that look like the one here.  If mine is held up, the triangles cascade down in a sprial.  I don’t believe they are doing that on the model, but it’s really hard to tell.  I can tell that the 2nd triangle on the chart is not like mine.   I’m trying to follow the written directions exactly, and this is what I get… but looking at the chart it seems to be different.  I hate charts.  Did I mention I hate charts?  Because I totally do.  Loathe them.  Either there’s an error in the written directions, or I am bad at interpreting them.  Either way, I’m pretty sure mine is wrong.

I now recall something I never liked about crochet.  Since you only have one stitch at a time on your hook it’s a very free form sort of craft.  At any point you could turn and start building in another direction.  Miss one “turn” direction and you can be in big trouble.  Knitting is more like a giant grid, and I, the person who likes things to always be in neat rows and categories, finds that soothing.  Having said that, I still love this scarf to death, and I plan to restart it as soon as I figure out exactly what is in error.  I will not let crochet conquer me!

Ok… happier subjects!  Have any of you ever knit a sweater sideways?  Because let me tell you… that’s a surprising amount of fabric.

I still have 6 more inches, and this is the smallest size!  I’m hoping I will have enough yarn without having to untangle the last inches of Sahara (once it got to the armholes things got complicated.)  Ok… I mean I’m hoping not to have to bribe Marc to do it for me.  I really hate untangling yarn.

And finally… one of my bridesmaids and I picked out the bridesmaid dresses for my wedding yesterday.

You can’t really tell, but the fabric is a brocade, and it’s more pale/gold than it looks here.  It looks much prettier in person – I think this photo is pretty bad.  I like it because it in no way resembles a prom dress.  I want to find a green wrap for them all as well, just to get some color into the wedding party.  And because it wouldn’t be my wedding if something weren’t green!  The ribbon belt is actually a green color, so I’ll try to find something close to that.

7 thoughts on “Dafeat?

  1. Love the bridesmaid dress! Perhaps they could have green shoes too (I like the style of the ones in the picture)

  2. You have, indeed, gone awry. The triangles should relate to each other the way they do in the chart.
    This requires your having PAIRS of step rows.
    Your most likely error is in not doing TWO rows of 1hdc at the end.
    That being said, it’s still cool as a spiral.
    It’ll just be shorter.

  3. Don’t you hate it when the pattern does not include a good picture and you’re not completely sure if you’re doing it right?

    The dresses are gorgeous!

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