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Lazy Saturday

Last night I went shopping with a friend.  It was in fact one of my male friends, and I like shopping with him because he shops the way I do.  I am not a woman who enjoys shopping, which is why I mostly cannot shop with other people – I get tired and bored really easily.  This gives me a problem, because the types of shopping I enjoy (thrift stores and… um… yarn) are leaving me with giant holes in my wardrobe.  Lately I’ve been knitting, or contemplating knitting, lots of tops that will require a tank or camisole underneath, and it occurs to me that I have not bought any new ones in at least 2 years, maybe 3.  And since all of mine seem to have gotten shorter and shorter with every wash, I really can’t wear them to work anymore.  I looked around at Old Navy and Target last night, but I didn’t see much.  I want plain black, white, and brown tank tops, with a built in bra, long enough to touch the back of my pants when I sit but not so long that they cling to my hips and look stupid (apparently this is some sort of trend?)  Formfitting but not tight, if you know what I mean.  I am also cheap, at least when it comes to basic items.  I am completely at a loss.  Any suggestions?  Am I asking too much?  Apparently I was born with the “bargain hunting” gene but not the one that makes you good at finding specific items (last night I ran across an Express store in the mall that was maybe shutting down, and got 5 nice pairs of dress pants for cheap!)

Ok… enough with the griping, now a bit of knitting content!  Here is Berroco’s free pattern of the week:

No, I don’t know what’s up with that bag.  I think I will avoid any pattern that calls for “2 curtain rings” as a notion.  I think the top is cute though.  I don’t care how many people say they’re on their way out, cropped sweaters look good on me, and I will not give them up.  I like this sweater because it looks like a bolero but it’s sewed shut in the middle, meaning no buttons.  I love shopping for buttons, but I am so tired of sewing them on!  I just want them to sit around in my button jar, so that every so often I can take them out and admire their pearly loveliness.

This afternoon I’m going shopping with one of my Bridesmaids for a dress.  None of my bridesmaids live in the same state, so this is quite a feat!

8 thoughts on “Lazy Saturday

  1. Hey you might try Kohls for camis I have some nice ones from there….I think mine were Daisy Fuentes or someone like that! They have several differnt styles. I’ve had better luck there than anywhere else with Camis, dressy or plain!

  2. Funky purse is right. You seem to find the funniest knitting errors. I like the top too- it looks comfy and flattering.
    I bought a bunch of camis at Sears for very cheap not too long ago and they haven’t shortened up yet. They aren’t super tight either, they have lots of comfy give.

  3. I LOVE tanks from New York and Company. They have a pretty high spandex content, which I really like, and they fit all your other criteria.

    They’re about $20 each- the only downside. But they often have a buy one get one free sale (and I just recently found out you get 15% off at NY&CO with a Triple-A card!).

  4. I recently purchased white, black, and brown cami’s from the Gap for 30% off. I think they worked out to $15 a piece, but they don’t have a built in bra…which is a feature I should look for next time! Although I’m not really a person that minds bra straps showing…as long as it is a pretty bra! I guess it’s the hippy in me…my teenage years were spent in flannels and Birkenstocks. I still love my Birks!!! LOL

  5. I hate shopping – used to love it. I buy all mine online at Eddie Bauer. I am 5″9′ and they are long enough for me. The service is great…the only downside is paying for shipping, but maybe you will see some other things you like too!

  6. Recently, I found cami’s in several different styles with actual bras built in from Travel Smith. The downside? They are definitely not cheap. Quality is there, though.

  7. I too love a great tank/cami, and I stick with the classic…Hanes. If you go to in the women’s section, and then click tank and camis, they have a great selection.

    p.s. we are bloggy twins!

  8. My cheap gene prevents me from paying $18.50 for a neutral tank top that’s only real purpose is to go under other stuff.

    They are handy for getting to the next level discount though at New York & Company/Express/Limited, etc. They always have those spend $75 save $25 type sales or spend some money today and get $25 off your next $50 purchase. Once you find the shop that has the cut you want, you can usually use the tank top to bump your $39.50 pants up over $50 so that you can use a coupon and it more or less ends up being free.

    And at the risk of sounding like a creepy stalker, did your bridesmaid dress quest lead you to Macy’s on Saturday? I had one of those “hey, I know that girl, but I’m not sure how” moments, and I’m pretty sure it was from admiring your knitting.

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