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I never learn…

I am always being seduced by tweedy yarns.  I adore the texture and the little flecks of color, and I have all these images in my head of delightful structured jackets.  What I completely forget,  of course, is how much I loathe knitting with tweeds (Rowan felted tweed is the exception to this rule.)  I hate the dry feeling, and the way they stick to even the slickest of needles.  I hate how hard it is to get even looking stitches.  And I hate how careful of my wrists I have to be.  And so… my summer tweed sweater is going into hiding for a bit now.

I’ve knitted half of the back twice now (I had some chart problems) and I cannot bear another stitch.  Ugh.  I still love the pattern, I’m just trying to think of some decent subs.  I suppose I’ll have to try knitting a bigger size at a smaller gauge… That is the black hole of my knitting by the way… it’s where all the projects I get tired of go when I can’t bear to rip them yet.

On a happier subject, I have finished nearly half of the bottom panel of Lorelei.  I love it!

Friday is my day off, and with Marc out of town it has been a lazy day for Leon and I.

He looks so happy when he’s asleep!

3 thoughts on “I never learn…

  1. i really love tweeds too. i can’t seem to stop buying them. i was checking out the summer tweed the other day though and i think it would drive me crazy, something about the way it feels makes me think it wouldn’t be comfortable to knit with. felted tweed is a favorite of mine too.
    you are a crazy prolific knitter! i’m always impressed by how great your finished knits are, as well as how fast you knit them!

  2. Leon is so darn cute! I have two sweaters’ worth of Felted Tweed in my stash, and that’s the only tweed I own due to those very same texture issues.

    Lorelei is looking great!

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