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Introducing… Lorelei!

I know you won’t believe it, but I actually have four WIPs right now (the Boteh scarf, Lorelei tank, Summer tweed tank, and my ripple blanket.)  I’m working on my theory that switching out what I’m working on pretty often will keep my wrists from getting tired.  So far it’s working!  I managed to get in some time on all my WIPs yesterday, and in spite of the fact that one of them is knit in summer tweed my wrists feel just fine!

I’ve gotten enough done on Lorelei to post a picture now!

My favorite thing about this knit are the random garter/eyelet rows.  Well… they’re supposed to be random.  I plotted mine out, because I like symmetry.  The Cascade Pima silk is much nicer to knit with now that it’s been washed – before it had a powdery feel which left my hands dry, but now it’s fine.

Thank you all for the suggestions on a ball winder.  I’m still considering my options.  I actually already have a swift (also made from legos) and I’m pretty happy with it.  Someone wanted pictures of  the legos, so here you go!


The ball winder is motorized, which is actually the part I don’t like.  It works really well for normal yarns – it is, for instance, winding the pima silk like a champ there.  It just doesn’t do well with nubby yarns (like the summer tweed) or stretchy yarns.  It cannot wind sock yarn at all, because it tends to pull the yarn too tight, resulting in the ball becoming really tight and unusable when you remove it.  I also don’t like that it uses batteries, and that it does not work well with rechargeable batteries.  It uses parts from the first Lego Mindstorm set, which are pricey, so this isn’t really cheaper (although it was for me; Marc collects legos.)

I’m still considering if I can live with it.  I don’t mind winding sock yarn by hand, since that’s only one or 2 balls.  I did get it to wind the Summer Tweed and it was fine once it got started.  So we’ll see…

17 thoughts on “Introducing… Lorelei!

  1. That has to be one of the coolest things I have seen in ages! I’m planning on knitting a Lorelei soon but it’s a different one from the one your knitting. Mines from the autumn/winter Rowan 2006/07 (no. 40). I really like the colour of your yarn!

  2. I agree…. Very cool and creative! But if you’re unhappy with the winder, I’d just go ahead and buy one if I were you. It’s such a useful tool and it would allow you to wind *all* your yarns.

    Hmm… come to think about it, imagine all the prep time you’ll save with TWO ball winders!! Any chance Marc would be willing to make you another swift? 😉

  3. I would definitely buy a new ball winder. I love mine & don’t know how I got along without it. has them on sale right now, but if you use the coupon code “APRH750” it takes 50% off of the regular price (which makes it cheaper than the sale price). Only good til Saturday, though. Hurry! Buy now! 😉

  4. I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed with all your beautiful knits! And innovative use of legos – so much more colorful than the usual ball winders and swifts. 🙂

  5. Oh, I LOVE your swift. Also, I bet the ball winder would work a lot better if it was built with a hand-crank instead of a motor – the reason it’s winding too tight is because the motor doesn’t change its torque based on the thickness or elasticity of the yarn. If you use a hand crank instead of an electric motor, you can manually adjust the tension and torque as your winding it. But then, hand crank ball winders aren’t as fun as motorized ones!

  6. I totally love your swift and, were it me, I’d tinker with the winder rather than buy one… You’re almost there and it is so original… I agree, too, that a hand crank would probably solve a lot of your tight winding issues… What a great idea!

  7. love the color of your lorelei, I have wanted to knit this sweater, but like you I like things planned out. Can you tell me how you plotted for your garter and eyelet motif.

    Your help would be greatly appreciated thanks

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