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Yeah, I’m making a scarf in April. What of it?

I have to admit that I never saw the point of decorative scarves.  Won’t people stare at me all funny if I wear a scarf in May, no matter how decorative and pretty?  But now I totally understand.  It’s the fun of making them!  And they’re quick too, since they don’t have to be really wide to block out the arctic winter.

Last night I started the Boteh Scarf.

The yarn I ended up going with is Cherry Tree Hill supersock in Green Mountain Madness.  I love it!  This is a really quick project too (isn’t all crochet quick?)  I cannot imagine how it’s going to be long enough to be all lovely and drapey like the model’s though… this is 4 out of 16 repeats.  But I guess it does spiral.  We shall see.  It’s also going to have a border going all the way around.

I spent the rest of my evening swatching, since I’m not sure about my next sweater project.  Some of these swatches are big, some are small (hey, I got bored!) and they should all be clickable


1. Berroco Ultra Silk, swatched for Nadine (Berroco pattern)  If you like the stretchiness of Calmer I think you would like this yarn.  It’s really stretchy, and knits to worsted weight on big (size 10) needles.  It fluffs up nicely after blocking.  I really like it, although tensioning the yarn is a little tough.

2.Cascade Pima Tencel, swatched for Sizzle tank – I just plain like this yarn, which knits at 5 st/in on size 6 needles.  It turns out very soft and drapey, with a slight fuzzy haze (and sheds like mad while you knit – blocking reduces this.)

3. Valley Yarns Longmeadow, swatched for a Jaeger pattern – This yarn has a bit more body than I expected.  It is slightly splitty but not excessively so.  I need to practice more on this stitch pattern, you can see so many errors above!  Overall this yarn is just ok.  It didn’t wow me, but I didn’t hate it either.

4. Jaeger Siena, for another Jaeger pattern –  A very “crisp” feeling mercerized cotton.  While I hate heavier weights of mercerized yarns, I do like this one.  It feels nice to knit with.  This swatch was knitted with size 3s.  Size 2s would probably suit better, as this swatch is a bit loose and didn’t block well.

5. GGH Java, swatched for Flair – This yarn is a cotton/acrylic mix.  It was fine to knit with – slightly stretchy and not too splitty, much like other cotton/acrylic yarns.  The yarn blooms with blocking, and it looks much more even than it did before.  Knits to 4.5 st/in on size 7 needles.   Although I did get gauge for the pattern I want to make, I’m not making it with this yarn.  Flair is a swingy, boxy jacket thing, and I feel it needs a yarn with more body – this yarn is a tad too drapey after blocking, I don’t believe the jacket would hold its shape.

4 thoughts on “Yeah, I’m making a scarf in April. What of it?

  1. Beautiful scarf! Knit what you want, when you want.
    I am knitting a scarf, too, but I have a reason.
    My church is collecting scarves for the local homeless shelter. They want 400 by Dec 1st. They figure 350 will come from me! LOL!

  2. Nothing wrong wit a scarf in May. I’ll confess I’ve always wanted to be the kind of girl who wore funky scarves all year round. I’m quietly working on a bamboo one that probably wont be ready until fall! 🙂

  3. Love that scarf! I started playing with that pattern last night after not crocheting for years. It is super fun to do and the yarn is very pretty. I played with a little leftover of one of my own handdyed color and am still deciding what color I want to make my whole scarf in. I’m also thinking of using an alpaca or somthing a little warm and fuzzy. Just thinking.

  4. Yours is the second site where I see the Boteh Scarf being done differently than I’m making it.

    I think the triangles are supposed to look like alternating leaves climbing up a stem…not run circularly into a spiral scarf.

    I’ll have a picture of mine up on my site soon which will show what I mean.

    Your yarn is beautiful.

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