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Because what I really need is more things to knit…

Yesterday, Marc was kind enough to give me his unused Border’s giftcard, so it seemed as good a time as any to check out the spring/summer knitting magazines.

It is possible that I’m having a love affair with post-it notes…

Since I don’t have any interesting looking pictures of my current project (it has gained another sleeve and half a front… I’m almost there!) here are my reviews, complete with an insane number of patterns to add to the list.


I am not a huge fan of Vogue Knitting, mostly because their patterns seem to be poorly edited and deceptively photographed.  Having said that, I’ve now seen several cute FOs of the pattern below, and I am determined to make it.

It calls for Lion Brand organic cotton, which at 4.5 st/in can be easily subbed (I am not a fan of the colors of organic cotton.)  There are a few nice articles in this issue, including one on closures and a Nicky Epstein article on collar edgings.  I still don’t like Vogue though, and I refuse to make anything that someone else hasn’t already successfully made.  I am not that brave.


I bought this magazine for the first time ever. There are a lot of patterns in this magazine, including several which I just love!


(L to R) 1. Venus, in Rowan Holday 2. Butterfly in Classic Elite Bamboo 3.Dogwood Donna in GGH Savanna

I would most likely leave the flower off of #3, as I am not a fan of Intarsia, but the silhouette is really cute (you should see the back, it has a cute little keyhole with a button.)  And to the designer of #3… 4.62 st/in is not a gauge.  They must be onto me and my half-assed gauge swatches!


I have bought this magazine several times before, and I’m always surprised by the number of cute non-boring designs it contains.  It’s by Vogueknitting, but I like it tons better (even as someone who is somewhat more advanced.)  This issue really focuses on cute tanks.


(L to R): 1. Collared tank, in Tahki cotton classic 2. Boatneck tank, in Supercotton by Skacel 3. A-line tank, in Evita by Skacel

I really love that A-line tank, that’s definitely getting added to my list!  There’s also a bolero pattern I like from this issue, in Reynolds Saucy Sport (I would either leave out the colorwork or change the colors though… I don’t love the colors at all, just the lines of the sweater.

It has crocheted borders and ties.  I really like crocheted edging, but I think I’ve only done that on one knitted sweater (Ms. Marigold.)

Speaking of crochet, I picked up two crochet magazines as well.  Something about summer makes me more interested in picking up my hook (and the ripple blanket is helping!)

Crochet Today

This is a fairly new magazine, but I didn’t actually get the newest issue.  This is the Feb/March issue, but they were still displaying it in the store.  This magazine is put out by Coates and Clark, and all the projects call for one of their lines (TLC, Moda Dea, Red Heart etc.)


(L to R): 1. Ripple vest in Red Heart Luster sheen 2. Buttoned vest in Moda Dea washable wool 3. Purse in TLC Essentials

I would definitely sub all the yarns, except maybe the purse (purses do well with cheaper yarns I’ve found.)  My obsession with vests is now well documented, and these are both super cute!  I would do the ripple vest in more modern colors, I’m thinking neopolitan colors, pink, chocolate, and white.  And I would swap out the crocheted ribbing on the bottom for knitted ribbing… in my experience crocheted ribbing does not hold up well, and it’s hard to judge how many rows you actually need.  The magazine itself is just ok…  I would buy it for some of the patterns, but it’s vastly inferior to my last magazine purchase…

Interweave Crochet

This is the first time I’ve purchased this magazine.  Even when I was crocheting, I didn’t really find the projects that appealing.  However, they have a new editor (the editor of the fab Crochetme webzine) and are going to a quarterly mag like IW knits.  I am very impressed by the projects in this issue!


(L to R): 1. Beachcomber Tunic in Garnstudio Silke Tweed 2. Empress Baby-doll Top in SWTC Bamboo 3. Boteh Scarf, in Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock 4. Deceptively Simple Stole in La Lana Wools Phat Silk Fine and Silk Boucle 5. Seafoam Vest in Rowan Summer Tweed

The first sweater is both knitted and crocheted, which I love… I think the two crafts can compliment each other nicely.  I also would love to try the Garnstudio yarn, which looks lovely.  I think #2 would be nicer looking if it weren’t pink, but I do love that style on me.  I’ve been searching for a similar knit pattern, and this will suit. #3 is just lovely knitted up – I’ve seen several people working on them already, and did I mention – this scarf uses sock yarn!  Do you know how much sock yarn I have?  I love the idea of a different project to use it up!  #4 is by Annie Modesitt, and is surprisingly understated… surprising to me because her knitted patterns are sometimes so crazy (did you see that baby pattern from the current Vogue?) and yet this crochet pattern is lovely and elegant… and I think of Crochet as being the wilder medium. #5 (the vest) is of course my favorite (will I ever have too many vests? I hope not!) and I’m already debating with myself over which size to make (between the 32 and 35.)

What I really think this magazine shows is how crochet is sometimes shortchanged.  It does make a huge difference using nice yarns as opposed to the acrylics used in most crochet patterns.  I do understand that crochet uses more yarn that knitting, and I don’t mean to be all crazy yarn snob – hey, right now on the needles and hooks I have Caron and Lion Brand yarns.  But it’s important to use a yarn that really shows off the design… and really, I don’t ever want to wear acrylic again, as nice as it is for afghans.

Of course, I’m as guilty as anyone else.  As soon as I learned to knit I hid all my crochet hooks in the closet.  It’s possible I might be reaching a point where I see both crafts as legitimate… or at least rescue my hooks from the back of the yarn storage!

6 thoughts on “Because what I really need is more things to knit…

  1. Wow! Thanks for the reviews! I feel the same way that you do about most Vogue knitting patterns. I learned, though, when I was at Stitches Midwest and saw a fashion show of items that had been in Knitter’s magazine, that they really look better in person than on the page.

    I’m really glad you showed the pics from Interweave Crochet. I would have never picked it up (I’ve converted completely to knitting, it seems) and the first two sweaters you showed are really cute! Now I’m going to have to check it out.

  2. Oooh I’m very jealous you have so much choice when it comes to knitting and crocheting magazines. I’ve managed to find two and the last time I bought them I was rather disappointed. Maybe I’ll try them again and see if they’ve changed!

  3. Wow – what an indepth review. Thanks! I skimmed through all these mags and the only one I bought is the Vogue one. LIke you, the only pattern I liked is the one you have shown. It is quite nice and looks easy an will go with quite a bit of outfits.

  4. I absolutely love reading your blog. I check on it almost every day. I also love vests and my favorite of the patterns is the last vest one. I think it will suit you perfectly.

  5. I absolutely LOVE Interweave Crochet. I am primarily a knitter, but have really seen some great crochet patterns lately. I love the first sweater you show that is knitted and crocheted – I am currently working on one like that from the Fall IC “Josephine”, which is ribbed on top with a crochet lace pattern on the bottom and sleeves. I couldn’t agree more about using better yarns for garments – that is one of the things I also love about IC.

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