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Many topics, one post.

Work continues on the Drops cardigan. I’ve just broken into the third ball of cotton ease, and I’m 1/3 through the 2nd sleeve. I should have plenty!

For some reason I’m totally in love with moss stitch lately, which is lucky since this sweater has plenty of it! Last night I knit while we watched “The Money Pit,” which is a totally silly 80s movie starring Tom Hanks when he still tried to be funny. I love it because all of their hijinks with their old house remind me of my entire life. Then I got online and browsed houses for sale in the area. We aren’t really looking for a year, but I wanted to see pictures of the insides of old houses. It’s a weird quirk of mine.

Yesterday afternoon I went to the library and checked out some knitting books (our library is not very good, they rarely have what I’m looking for.)

That copy of “Knitting without tears” is super old! I read it last night, and while I didn’t perhaps learn the most, I did love the tone in which Elizabeth Zimmerman wrote. I’m interested in reading her other books now! “At Knit’s End” is cute of course, and the Knitting Answer book has just given me the answer on how to avoid “stair steps” when shaping sleeves in a seamed sweater. How did I not know this before?

And then there’s “Designing Knitwear” by Deborah Newton. I checked it out based on a few recommendations I had seen online. I did think that her design philosophy was admirable, and I liked the advice about developing a “designer’s eye” but… it’s hard to take her seriously when she designed this:

Oh dear. And there are instructions for this monster in the book. You know, I was carefully cropping my photos for this, taking out all the text, and I thought “What am I doing? Who is going to be searching the internet and suddenly be struck by a desire to knit their own coat of many colors” Ooh, that just made me think of the Dolly Parton song, you know, the one where she’s singing about her coat of many colors and how the other kids made fun of it. I love Dolly. No, really. Love her. No excuses.

Anyway, I looked up the copyright on the book, which was 1992. And I may be wrong, but even though I was still well into the spandex/stirrup pants age in 1992, I don’t recall people running around in sweaters like this. I do give this book props for one thing though…

Finally! The aran motorcycle jacket I’ve been waiting my entire life for!

Ahem… seriously, the book does have some very good ideas on the design process, and contains good information (if a bit too reliant on the dropped shoulder.) I wouldn’t buy it, but I’m glad I checked it out!

On a more tasteful note, Berroco, the company that gave us the Footsie Pillow, continues to redeem itself to me. This morning their newsletter contained two free patterns that I quite like!

I would even make the first pattern (but then I love deep V necks.) It’s made of Bonsai, and sadly I don’t have enough, but I can think of many great subs!

13 thoughts on “Many topics, one post.

  1. Here by way of the Fitted Knits KAL… 🙂

    I’ve been pleasantly surprised by Berroco lately, too. They used to be such an easy target over at You Knit What?.

    I love the cabled top, but as the yarn used sort of scares me (aluminum?), I think I’d use a substitute.

  2. such a funny post! that purple motorcycle jacket is the worst! i wonder what the person that test knit that thought. I would hate to know that I spent my time on that. ha ha. Can’t wait to see your sweater. I like moss stitch too.

  3. Ummm . . . I have a picture of my daughters wearing a brighly colored outfit which would go perfect with that “coat.” There were so many things wrong with the early ’90s. And the motorcycle jacket would be truly perfect except for the metal studs on the arms and such. Very “fashion forward.” Enjoy the weekend . . . I think I’ll go rock out to “Jolene” now.

  4. When I was about 9 I would sit in front of my parent’s 8 track and listen to that Dolly Parton song over and over and over again crying…I may still know all the words!

  5. I start following your blog a long time ago and I still like it!
    I never left a comment before, but now I have to ask you a question…
    What yarn would you use for that second Berroco-pattern?
    I saw it here and it’s the first pattern for myself that gives me the idea that I really want to make it!
    But choosing the right yarn is like hell!
    I live in Belgium and ordering in America isn’t an option (very high delivery-costs).
    You make very nice things and it looks like you almost always choose the right yarn for it, that’s why I wanted to ask you…
    Can you help a bit? Thanks!


  6. Love that movie, for some reason it just makes me laugh and laugh. Maybe it’s the old houses I’ve been a part of saving, who knows.

    What to say about that clown’s day off monstrosity? WOW, I guess someone spent months working that thing up. I wonder if any still exist in attics anywhere. Wouldn’t that be a find for the kids? They could get a good giggle out of what Mom knit up way back when.

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