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A new WIP

I believe I started knitting just around the time that Cotton Ease was discontinued.  So while I’ve never knit with it, I have seen lots of people hoarding it.  Last week I noted that my Michaels had started carrying the new Cotton Ease, so last night I ventured over there.  First, the bad – I wish they had retained some of the old colors.  I look washed out in faded colors – I need some strong, clear colors to balance out my paleness.  Most of the new colors are of the faded type.  The black, in fact, verges on a sort of dingy blue-gray.  I couldn’t decide, so I told Marc to pick the color he thought would look best on me.  He chose Almond, a color somewhere in between ivory and a very soft yellow.  I would never have chosen this color for myself, but as it turns out I’m pretty pleased with it.  It lacks the tinge of beige that usually makes me avoid ivory colors.  So last night I cast on for the Drops Design (Garnstudio) sweater I showed yesterday (the first picture on the top row.)

Now I get it.  Cotton Ease is a really nice yarn!  It’s similar to Nashua’s new Cilantro yarn (which I love for the name) or a less stretchy version of Calmer. It doesn’t hurt my hands, and it produces a nice, lightweight fabric with even stitches.  It isn’t at all splitty, which is nice after two sweaters using Cotton Fleece (I love Cotton Fleece, but it does split like mad.)  The only other new color I like is the lime, which my Michael’s didn’t have, so it may be time for me to stockpile for myself a few of the older colors!

The translation of the Drops sweater seems to be fine so far.  I chose this sweater because it’s cropped, so it won’t take long to get through all the directions.  Looking ahead, I can see some slightly dodgy neck shaping directions, but nothing you won’t understand if you’ve made a seamed sweater before.

While I was at Michael’s I also bought a pack of those huge coil-less safety pins that seem to be popular as sweater closures this season.  I have at least one sweater in mind that will need a closure, and most of my brooches are too  heavy.

I also have some yarn pictures to share.  I got these from the Yarnzilla sale, with their volume discount it came to 35 or 40% off… very good deal.  Check them out if you haven’t!

L to R: Rowan Summer tweed in Jardinier, Rowan Calmer in Refresh, Rowan Felted Tweed in Sigh.

I’m clearly in a tweedy mood. Love all these yarns.  Someone please go buy up all the Rowan yarns before I get tempted again!

6 thoughts on “A new WIP

  1. Thanks for the review – I saw the new cotton ease at Michael’s the other day and was very tempted. I really like the new colors, but I guess I wasn’t thinking about garments for myself- I don’t look good in those colors either. (too washed out, like you said….although I might get away with the lake blue or the lime green) I’m thinking about it for baby knitting projects – I’m thinking baby blanket in lime, maize and terra cotta?

  2. I am going to have to get some Cotton Ease and try it. I too started knitting after it had been discontinued so I never knew what the fuss was about! I can’t believe how FAST you finish and project and then get started on another one. 🙂 I am impressed to say the least.

  3. I agree that with the above poster that you are one speedy knitter! Thanks for the Cilantro sub, as I was looking for a more economical substitution for that…

  4. I just wanted to stop de-lurking long enough to say I love your blog, you are a prolific and beautiful knitter & seem to knit everything that I have under consideration. Thanks for the post on Cotton-ease, I too dislike the splittiness of cotton fleece, I’m going to swing by Michael’s and check it out!

  5. I live close to Yarnzilla and went to the store last Saturday with my mom to pet the yarn and check out what I would buy on-line. Their sale is only for on-line orders. The shop owner is wonderful! Enjoy your yarn…

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