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I sometimes read the search logs for my blog, because it’s interesting to see what people type in to arrive here.  Today I saw this: “Half Dollar Cardigan too long sleeves.”  Well, if that’s you… rejoice in the fact that you are not alone!  Almost all the completed or nearly completed ones I’ve seen feature this complaint.  Personally, I’ve been rocking the cuffed look.  I in fact wore it for Easter, and I can assure you that no one noticed.  I think the cable distracted them.

Last night I finished up the Puff Sleeved Cardigan, and it is currently drying on the dining room table.

I’m having buttonhole problems.  The buttonhole called for in the pattern made holes too big for my buttons (which are the size called for in the pattern) so I sewed them up a bit.  We’ll see if that proves to be a durable solution.  More on this when it finally dries and I can get modeled photos.

Yesterday’s post about possibly ripping my Sahara got me to thinking about my knitted/crocheted items that don’t see any wear at all.

Top to bottom: Sahara (cascade pima silk,) Rusted Root (Shine sport,) Sweet Pea shawl (Classic elite flash,) Crocheted shrug (Berroco Cotton twist.)  I am amused to note that being around all those strong colors sucked all the color out of my rusted root, which I can assure you is green, not gray.  I don’t wear any of these items.  The one that makes me the most sad is the shawl – it turned out beautifully, but I simply cannot wear that shade of pink (it’s the pink tweed color used in the “Happy Hooker” book.)   Rusted Root is a lost cause because of poor yarn choice, and because it was my first sweater.  I am in fact plotting a new rusted root in a more appropriate yarn.  Sahara has been discussed  – I tried it on again, and I think the only way to fix it is to completely redo the bottom and neckline lace… but even then I will have to realize it would fit better a size smaller.  And the shrug… don’t ask me why I thought it would be a great idea to make 40 granny squares and crochet them together, complete with mock ribbing around the edges (note to self: crocheted “ribbing” is not stretchy like actual ribbing.)

So there are my failures… does anyone else have projects like these –  completed, unworn, and unloved… but you can’t bring yourself to frog them?

On a happier note, I recently rediscovered the free pattern archives at Garnstudio.  I remember hearing a lot about the massive archives here when I was a crocheter (where there are far fewer cute patterns), but not nearly as much from the knitting community.  Phildar has been getting a lot of love lately, so I think I’ll give a little to another non-US company.  Here are some of my favorite designs:


Clicking on a picture should take you to the pattern.  I’ve put the first one shown (the cropped moss stitch cardigan) on my list to try out their patterns, and I also just adore the lacy tunic length sweater.  I also think that little vest looks a lot like Rowan’s “Bloom,” which is a happy thing… I was not going to purchase that entire magazine for one pattern.  If you go to the website you will find literally hundreds of free patterns translated into english.  The only thing to watch is whether the little flag shows a US translation or British.  If it’s British you will need to watch the needle sizes etc, but it really isn’t too difficult.  I’ve knit British patterns before with no problem.

14 thoughts on “Randomness

  1. You said that Shine Sport for Rusted Root was a poor yarn choice. Can you tell me more? I was thinking of using that yarn for Glee. I’ve never used it and would love to hear your opinion. Thanks!

  2. Completed, unworn and unloved is my middle name! I worked like hell last summer and finished Sizzle in a week and never wore it once. And I still have no idea why…

  3. I love all of those patterns that you chose. I have been to that site before and they really do have so many patterns you can overwhelm yourself with the possibilities!!! I can’t wait to see your modeled pic of your newest sweater. It looks really nice on the table.

  4. I was just thinking of ripping a tank top that is terribly unflattering on my new somewhat larger belly. I will rip if you will. 😉

  5. Is the color in this picture closer to the actual color? What yarn did you use?

    oh and I look at some of the search words people use to find my blog too! sometimes they are pretty crazy .

  6. Well, we could start with the 2 ponchos I’m hanging onto in case I find another use for the yarn… the big sack sweater (or something like) from SnB that the climate has only allowed me to wear once. I used the suggested cotton fleece and love it… except it needs more waste shaping so I don’t wear it too often. I should rip and fix but probably won’t.

    I’m knitting Bonita with Garnstudio Safran right now and love the yarn. Great patterns.

  7. I have several finished and unworn sweaters. The first cardigan I made, which I will never frog for sentimental reasons. A few others which I am planning to “fix” in various ways. And some that I hold on to because I really believe that I will wear them again – if the weather’s right, I’m in the right mood, etc.

  8. I’m having problem letting go of my first sweater…poor yarn choice, gauge issues. It’s been relegated to a camping sweater, but I should really frog it b/c it is nice yarn that deserves better.

  9. I love looking at the search strings that bring people to my blog! The puff sleeve cardigan looks great too – can’t wait to see it on you! Thanks for the links to the patterns – I’ll have to check them out (like I need more things to make!)

  10. I’m working on Rusted Root right now. I’m hoping that I will love this sweater. My “I love it”-to-“I made it” ratio is pretty low.

    I also wanted to comment on how fast you get to completion on your sweaters. I worked like a mad woman to finish a tank in a week knitting in the car and after my son’s bedtime and while he was otherwise occupied playing. One week is my new record. How do you do it?

  11. I know what you mean about not wearing some of the stuff that you have created.But I still make them because I like the process of creating things. And I also hope that one day I will get to wear them.

  12. My 1st completed sweater was Eiffel from, that I knit along with the Sexy Knitter’s Club. I posted pics on the blog and everything. I have worn it about 3 times since then and pretty much hate it. I just haven’t found the perfect pattern for the yarn yet or else I would have frogged it by now.

    I adore most of the GarnStudio patterns. I just don’t have enough yarn for them all.

    Yeah, I agree you knit faster than I have ever seen! And they are all great sweaters! I just love you taste in colors, yarn, and patterns!

  13. I started the Rusted Root last week and got a ball and a half deep and realized I lost a marker and wasn’t increasing at the sleeve on one side! I had a friend frog it for me b/c I couldn’t stand to do it. Since you made it, and I have to start it all over again, i was wondering your opinion on the ribbing at the neck. The pattern calls for you to begin with the stockinette and lace pattern and then pick up for the ribbing. Do you think it would it affect the piece to begin with the ribbing and then change to the stockinette and the lace? I can’t figure out why they have you pick up at the neck for the ribbing. Thanks in advance for your reply!

  14. I also want to say that I just love Drops and ironically enough bought yarn for the turquoise jacket/bolero you have pictured above. I forget which yarn I got. It was from a LYS that was having a sale so I got it for 40% off! Gotta love that! I’ll be motivated to begin mine when/if you do one. I’m unlike you and ALWAYS have 5 or more projects ongoing. hugs.

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