Happy Easter!

I’ve played 7 masses in the past week… I’m very happy that it’s almost over!

I bought buttons for my cardigan, and I’m almost ready to attach them – I just have to weave in my ends and seam the second sleeve.

Aren’t they cute?  Until I started knitting I never realized that buttons came in so many wonderful shapes and colors.  It’s enough to make me want to put superfluous buttons on everything I make, just so that I have an excuse to do some button shopping!

I actually played one more mass than I was supposed to today, because of a mix up,  and because of that I decided to treat myself to a book.  I went to the Knit Nook and bought Rowan “Vintage Knits,” which I’ve been wanting forever.  The freezing temperatures we’ve had all week may have had something to do with my desire for a sweater book.  It was also super exciting because the owner of the store recognized me from my blog!

I have enough Rowan Felted Tweed at home to make either of the sweaters I like from the book.  In fact, I have the exact color used for Elise:

It’s less pink in real life, but possibly not the best color with my hair.  Ah well… chances are I’ll eventually get tired of this color and try another (I don’t think I’ve managed more than 2 years with the same color since grade school.)  I searched for pictures of completed versions of this sweater and found nothing… surely someone has made it!

I also want to make Salina, the cover sweater:

I love felted tweed.  I still have a half completed Shedir hat that I can’t bring myself to frog because it’s in felted tweed.  I love the appearance of tweedy yarns in general, but most are hard on my hands.  So I’m pretty excited to have a tweedy sweater that doesn’t give me carpal tunnel.

Speaking of patterns (as I often am; I like to have lots of goals) I recently rediscovered this pattern, from Yarnplay.  I received the book for Christmas, but I have yet to make anything.

This is the Lorelei tank, knitted with Noro lily and silk garden accent.  And I was thinking… you know what sits in my closet and taunts me?  My Sahara.  I wore it for the photos.  It looks very cute in the photos.  It is not that cute in real life.  Since then I have taken it out and put it on, only to take it off when I remember that I hate the fit.  The bottom flares, the sleeves are too large in the armpits, and the neckline pulls the whole sweater up in the front.  I don’t think it’s fixable, or at least I don’t like it enough to try.  I do, however, love the yarn, Cascade Pima silk in a wonderful apple green (obviously my favorite!)  I’m thinking of frogging it and reusing the yarn, along with some silk garden I have in stash.  I also haven’t seen any completed Loreleis, although there are several in progress right now in blogland.

I’m off work this week for the public schools’ spring break, so I’ll have lots of knitting time!