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Again with the Spring patterns…

Spring is finally here, and I find myself happily browsing the new spring pattern books.  I am still obsessed with the top from Rowan’s Kasbah collection, and I think I’ve nearly convinced myself that I should just pick it up already.  The reason that I haven’t is that I only like one design out of the book, and that breaks my rule (I must like at least 2.)

I like way more than two designs out of Jaeger’s new pattern books:


Designs I like:


Has anyone ever actually made a Jaeger pattern?    Are there any issues I should know about?

I also think that Berroco (yes, that Berroco) is doing some interesting things lately.  They seem to be toning down the crazy novelty yarns and focusing on interesting designs.  I *heart* Norah Gaughan, even if I didn’t really get” Knitting Nature, I think she has some really interesting ideas.  I’m especially obsessed with Bonsai, which has a really interesting texture, and I definitely am planning to make one of these designs:


These are all from the Bonsai booklet, which I’m planning to buy.  In spite of the (for the most part) terribly unflattering styling, I think all these designs are lovely.   And why do the Berroco models always seem to be trying to hard to convince us of how much fun it is to wear their garments?  I think that first little sweater is probably really cute, but who can tell when they’re being distracted by all the kicking and all the bubble skirts?

I also like the tunic made with Bonsai in the Spring IW knits, but I am very wary of any design that looks clingy around the hips.  I do not believe it would be flattering on me.

I’m also in love with this design, which is knit in Ultra silk (on sale at WEBS!)

That’s enough dreaming about sweaters for now – my list grows ever longer!

5 thoughts on “Again with the Spring patterns…

  1. I too love warm weather patterns…I love working with cotton blends.Plus, my allergy to wool makes winter knitting kinda itchy for me (but I do it anyways!) 😉

  2. Actually, the gal at A Mingled Yarn (just Google) made the IK Bonsai “tunic” in a more non-tunic way. She shortened it quite a bit and it looks really great.
    I really like that little light purple number you have third to the right…very cute! So many great designs to choose from!

  3. I’d say that with Jaeger, you need to be careful with their sleeves. I think I knitted a few sleeves and they were too big. Of course though, that was with Martin Storey at the helm (at that time). The new designer (can’t remember her name right now) is known for her smart and fairly well fitting designs.

    I do want to knit stuff from the jaeger booklets as well.


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