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What I’ve been doing…

I’ve started my ripple blanket!  I had a few false starts, but after I worked out the kinks on my pattern (and decided I can’t have a dark color as my chain because I can’t see it) it’s all been smooth rippling!

4 rows down, 90 billion to go.  It’s about 60 inches wide, and it will be however long I can stand.  Right now I’m loving it – I have to force myself to stop working on the ripple so I can do my current knit project!  Crochet is harder on my wrists than knitting is, since I knit Continental.   I think I might go buy one of those fancy crochet hooks with the bigger grips, since I suppose I’m going to become mighty familiar with my I hook.  I’m still considering adding one more color, but I do love the soothing tones I have.

I have been knitting as well.  Here is progress on the Puff Sleeved cardigan, a little over halfway into the raglan increases.

Each row is taking forever now, but I will soldier on.   I can’t wait to separate the sleeves!

5 thoughts on “What I’ve been doing…

  1. I crocheted a huge blanket a few years ago. HUGE. Like 6 feet square huge. It took ten balls of big old acrylic yarn. And I love every inch of it. It’s about the coziest thing in the house.

  2. Crochetting was a bitch on my fingers and my wrist. I found that a simple pencil grip (the kind that my students like to blow up like balloons and shoot toward the ceiling) slipped over the grip portion of the hook worked quite well. Have fun with the ripple!

  3. Crochet is definitely harder on the wrist if you’re not used to it! even if you knit English style. The ripple is looking good though!

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