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What I’ve been doing…

I’ve started my ripple blanket!  I had a few false starts, but after I worked out the kinks on my pattern (and decided I can’t have a dark color as my chain because I can’t see it) it’s all been smooth rippling!

4 rows down, 90 billion to go.  It’s about 60 inches wide, and it will be however long I can stand.  Right now I’m loving it – I have to force myself to stop working on the ripple so I can do my current knit project!  Crochet is harder on my wrists than knitting is, since I knit Continental.   I think I might go buy one of those fancy crochet hooks with the bigger grips, since I suppose I’m going to become mighty familiar with my I hook.  I’m still considering adding one more color, but I do love the soothing tones I have.

I have been knitting as well.  Here is progress on the Puff Sleeved cardigan, a little over halfway into the raglan increases.

Each row is taking forever now, but I will soldier on.   I can’t wait to separate the sleeves!