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Moving on

I came home early from work last night, and I’m staying home today.  I’m not sure what’s wrong with me – sort of a general achy tiredness, combined with bad allergies.  Last night I felt faint through an entire lesson, and I don’t want to terrify any kids, so… I think I’d better stay home.  Hopefully it will sort itself out – I have tomorrow off as well, so that’s 2 days to rest.

Last night my cardigan pieces dried, so I approached seaming them together.  Dear god, I hate seaming so much.  Really, I just loathe it.  This was especially full of nightmares, as I had to make sure the stripes lined up on most of the pieces.  The selvedge  edge was also not very useful, as the changing stitch patterns kept causing me to lose track of it, and it would be alternately too loose or too tight.  The only easy part was seaming the side with the lace all the way down.  This lets me know that it’s not I suck that badly at seaming, this sweater was just especially hard.  I did pretty well though, except for the sleeves, which are just ok.  I don’t think it will bother me enough to redo them, because seriously – who is staring at my sleeve seams?

Well, you all are now that I mentioned it, but… this took me nearly three hours.  I still have to add the button band, and probably I will get to that tonight.  Yesterday I bought some pretty pearly buttons.  The fit of the cardigan so far is pretty good, with one exception.  The sleeves (as I feared) are huge.  And this is coming from someone with longer than average arms, I will have to fold them to wear them.  They’re also somewhat wide I think, but I can live with that.  But, as always, I reserve judgment until the sweater is finished.  Edgings and buttons can make an enormous difference in my opinion of a garment.

While I was waiting for the sweater to dry I also made a start on the Puff Sleeve Cardigan from Fitted knits.

I’m using Cotton Fleece again, since I was so happy with it the last time.  I’m hoping that it will have enough bounce to work as a sub here.  I did have to go down a needle size.  So far I’m loving this pattern.  It’s certainly a relief to do a top down sweater after all that seaming!  My row gauge is a little different, so I’ve already had to do some adjusting (I stopped my collar a few rows early, and I’m hoping it will stand up right when it’s finished – right now it seems big!)

I also received my yarn from the Knit Happens sale yesterday.  I was so good – I only ordered some Cascade 220 (the quattro is for the U neck vest from fitted knits, the sapphire is for the Bluebell Boatneck from the same, and the Sienna is for stash.)

Left to Right: Quattro in Aruba, Sienna, and Sapphire Heather.

As an aside, has anyone else noticed that the Cascade 220 heathers and quattros are much softer than the regular colors?   I usually only buy the heathers, so I was surprised to note that the Sienna is noticeably less soft (although it’s still nice.)

7 thoughts on “Moving on

  1. Good job on the seaming!! I’m the same way…hate it! I love the brown you’re using for the puff-sleeve cardigan.
    I’ve also noticed the difference in the softness of the Cascade types…the 220 Tweed is also a lot softer than the “regular 220”.

  2. I hate seaming too. My seams feel so darn bulky and awkward. The Cascade washable is softer too. I wonder why they are all so different?

  3. My first seaming job is coming up soon, I’m almost finished a baby kimono from Mason Dixon Knitting. I’m a newbie, so I’m kinda nervous about it! I’m also waiting for my order from Knit Happens to arrive. Unfortunately, I found out about the website, and the sale pretty late, so the pickings were slim. But did manage go get some Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk for Ms. Marigold, and some Noro Silk Garden for a felted bag I’m making.

    I love your sweater. The color is beautiful.

  4. Seaming – I like it for the first 5 minutes because mattress stitch is so cool. Then the novelty wears off.

    I love the cardi, I admired it when IK came out.

    Good colour selection for Puffy, its going ot be beautiful!

  5. I, too, hate the mattress stitch. I can do it for all ribbing and it turns out well, and start up the side, and then there comes a point where it all balls up! I’ve decided to quite beating myself up over it. I’m a former cross-stitcher and a former seamstress. I now use the clippy clips method. Block both pieces right sides facing. Clip clips through the right stitch, then sew up and down, up and down, using the back stitch, which I understand is better than the so-called “basting” stitch or the “running” stitch. However, I favor forming a support group of Non-Mattress stitchers Anonymous! And, I’m with you … I have yet to have anyone come up and examine my seams or even ask how I stitched it together. Most people are amazed that you knit that many stitches …

  6. P.S. — The lacy cardigan with the cables and ribs looks so pretty! You did a nice job of knitting!

    On the needles: A knit-in-the-round pullover! (No seaming required!)

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