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Today I am title-less

Last night I finished the cable panel and sewed the back to the fronts.  If anyone makes this sweater, please pay careful attention when seaming so that you don’t try to put pieces on inside out!  It’s all that reverse stockinette, it confuses me!  Anyway, the 3 needle bind off went well after that, and now the sweater is blocking before I seam and add the button bands.  This afternoon on my way to work I may go searching for buttons.

And yes, I have not weaved in all my ends yet, because I am lazy, plus I wanted to wait and see if any of them were useful for seaming.  Hopefully it will be dry tonight so that I can begin to torture myself with the seams.  It does seem to have lengthened a bit.  This may, in fact, be the only knit I’ve made this year that wasn’t too short in the torso for me.  I’m hopeful now that it will fit the way that I like my cardigans to fit – close in the bust, so that I can button only one or two buttons.  I don’t think that I’ve completely buttoned a cardigan in years.

I’m involved in two KALs that run during the month of April, so I’m considering my options on what to start next.  The “Sexy Knitters club” is doing Rusted Root, and I’m also in the “Fitted Knits along” for which I could make either the ribbed shrug or the puff sleeved cardigan (well, there are several others I’m stashing yarn for as well, but they will wait for autumn.)  I’m leaning towards that cardigan, even though I’m going to have to make up a smaller size.  Fortunately,  I looked at the pattern, and it looks as though it will be pretty easy to crunch the numbers.  I’m getting pretty good at adjusting the size of top down patterns, which is probably why I prefer those over knits made in pieces.