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One sleeve…

I’ve finished the first sleeve for the Dollar and a half cardi

I don’t think I screwed up the shaping, it all seems to fit together so far.  The perfectionist in me does not like having those extra stockinette portions in the seams, even though I know it won’t matter.

I wasn’t sure about the sizing, so I thought I should measure my sweater against a cardigan I already own.  Then I remembered that I don’t own any well-fitting cardigans that are full length, so out came my old standby favorite sweater.

If I lose some rows into the seams, and this sweater shouldn’t be as stretchy as the pink one (it has nylon content), so it looks good.  I’m measuring pretty close to pattern measurements, and I’m pretty sure it will gain the extra 1/2 inch with blocking (the lace and rev. stockinette are bumpy!)

The sleeves though… well, I think they’re kind of big.  They measure what they’re supposed to, and I suppose a cardigan should have bigger arms, so hopefully it should be ok.  They don’t look huge in the modeled photo.  I do like that they’re pretty long, as I have long monkey arms and can never find sleeves long enough for me.

Yesterday I went to the LYS and flipped through “No Sheep for you” and “Lace Style.”  Eh… I was underwhelmed.  Of the two I probably like “No Sheep for you” better, but neither book contained any designs I really wanted to add to my (ever growing) list.  I mean, I like the Tuscany shawl, but I know I won’t get around to it, and I like the Katherine Hephburn cardigan, but it wasn’t that special to me.  But that’s ok, because I’m still in the process of wanting to make half the patterns out of “Fitted Knits.”

WEBs has RYC Soft tweed on closeout, and I think this color

will become this

at some point in the future.   Love the buttons, love the shape, love the fact that the pattern occurs around the bust instead of the waist this time.