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More progress

I’ve nearly finished the back of my cardigan, and boy – those decreases are horribly confusing in the lace pattern!  I think I came out ok though.

I want to finish it before work tonight (at 5:30) so if I have any no-shows I can work on a smaller part of the sweater.  When I work a sweater in pieces I work it thus: back, sleeve 1, front 1, sleeve 2, front 2.  I can’t stand working the same thing twice in a row, but I don’t like knitting 2 sleeves at once because things get all tangled.

I’m trying to decide what to make for the Fitted Knits along that starts in April.  I have yarn for both the shrug and the puff-sleeved cardigan, but I’m second guessing the yarn for the puff sleeve.  It’s made of wool in the book, and I love the way it looks in wool, but come on… when it’s cold enough for wool I won’t wear short sleeves, and when it’s warm enough for short sleeves I won’t wear wool.  So I’m thinking maybe I should try to find a blend.  I really like Rowan wool cotton, but it’s so pricey!  And I’m already making a bunch of sweaters out of cotton fleece… Ah well, I guess I’ll have to think about it!