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On swatches

Swatching is not something I enjoy, but yesterday I was on a swatching marathon – part to decide on my next project, and part to get used to the stitch patterns in my upcoming projects. My swatches are never shown here, mostly because I’m pretty bad at making them the size you’re supposed to.

I went back and forth between several projects, but I finally cast on for the “Dollar and a half” cardigan from the new Interweave.

Sorry for the large(ish) picture, but WordPress is not cooperating today.

The yarn is Cotton Fleece in New Age teal. I had to go up one needle size, but it’s measuring what it should. The lace wasn’t opening enough, even after blocking, on the size 5s. I’ve never worked with Cotton Fleece before really (just swatching) and I’m suprised by how much I like it. It’s definitely easier on the hands than pure cotton. My only complaint so far is that it’s a wee bit splitty, especially on the ultra sharp knitpicks needles. I’ll take it to work with me tonight and maybe start the first lace section if no one comes, but I’m in no rush. I like to give my hands and wrists a few days rest after finishing a project.

I’m trying to pack for our Florida trip. I’m trying to make do with the spring clothes I didn’t pack away, because I don’t feel like getting the giant boxes from the basement. And, of course, I’m worrying about what knitting projects to take with me. I’ll probably take the $1.50 cardigan, a pair of socks (I want to start some in that Neopolitan yarn!) and another sweater in case I run into a snag on the $1.50 cardi. I want to make the feminine puff sleeve cardi from Fitted Knits, but I fear it may yet have errata, plus I sort of want to save it for the KAL in April. I’ll probably take Rusted Root, since I already know how to make it.

I’m still trying for photos of Fad Classic – this week is really hard because I’m not getting home til 9pm. I’ll probably break down and use the flash later on tonight.

4 thoughts on “On swatches

  1. that’s going to be so pretty! Let me know how the rev st works for you with the lace…mine isn’t that attractive at the moment. I’m going to finish the sleeve & block to see if it looks better.

    I like cotton fleece as well. 🙂

  2. You do such nice work… and actually complete projects too! I tend to get distracted with too many WIPs at once, but I get bored otherwise.

    I’m glad to know that the Cotton Fleece will work. I have some brown in my stash. Yay!

  3. I’m excited to see how the dollar and a half cardigan turns out. I’m spinning up enough yarn for a sweater and want it to make something that I’m going to want to wear all the time. Out of curiosity, what is your favorite sweater that you’ve knit? What gets the most wear? Thanks in advance!

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