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FO: Fad Classic

Pattern: Fad Classic, from Knit and Tonic, size 32

Yarn: Knitpicks Shine Sport in Grass, 5 balls (approx.)

Needles: US 6 and 4

Notes: I’m really pleased with how this turned out.  I started it on a whim and nearly ripped it all out – the straps being knit with 2 balls of yarn really made me crazy.  I got through it though, and it all worked out… although I’d rather not do that again.  I added a lot more shaping than the pattern called for – instead of 2 sets of waist decreases I did 5, and then only 3 sets of increases for the lower waist.  After all that it was still a bit big, so I blocked it for length, with the result that it stretched from 20″ long to 23″ long, and now it fits perfectly.  The lace pattern was really easy to memorize and execute, and I really enjoyed all of the knitting except the straps.

We leave at 6 am tomorrow for Florida, so I won’t be posting for a week (although I will certainly be on my email) so I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

12 thoughts on “FO: Fad Classic

  1. Extra waist decreases? Sigh. I wish I had knit back in the day. You know, before 5 kids. 😉

    Your Fad Classic looks great! A perfect fit!

  2. It turned out great! That was smart to add in extra waist decreases…it really helps to define that area. I hope you wear it a lot…it looks really good on you!

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