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My vest obsession continues.

Last night, thanks to new discs of Star Trek Voyager (yes, dork!) I made a lot of progress on the Fad Classic vest.

It’s measuring above 31″ across the chest, so slightly smaller than the pattern indicates.  I’m really glad I talked myself out of the 34″ size, because it would have been too big.  This pattern is stretchier than you might think, so keep that in mind if anyone makes it (and you should – the stitch pattern is really fun!)  I just started the waist shaping, although I probably could have started it sooner since I’m kind of short waisted.  I’ll probably need an extra set or two of decreases I think, and I’m planning an extra inch in the body.  I can’t wait to add the neck and armhole ribbing, which I think it really going to pull the vest together.

We’re leaving for Florida really early Friday morning, so I’m spending this week trying desperately to get things together before I go out of town.  I have several extra hours of makeup lessons scheduled (I’m actually teaching on Tuesday, where I usually don’t) and I still have the mission going on at church.  I won’t get home before sometime around 9 pm anytime this week, but it will be worth it when I get an entire week free of my schedule!

3 thoughts on “My vest obsession continues.

  1. Wow, the vest has really coming along since your last post. You are such a fast knitter! Good versatile choice for the spring into summer.

  2. Hi, I just found your blog (I was searching for pictures from Fitted Knits – thanks! They convinced me to buy the book). We have the same template 🙂

    Love the Fad Classic – it’s a pattern I’ve been thinking about…Knit and Tonic’s Wendy has really great patterns.

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