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Sunday blues…

Leon says “Hi,” and he hopes that your Sunday is going better than his.

It’s hard being a cat.

Marc’s sister (my future SIL!) and her husband stayed with us last night, as they were in town for a wedding.  It was good times.  I find it amazing that I’m marrying the one man I’ve dated whose family I actually like.  It’s kind of nice, I have to tell you.

Last night I sat up in bed and knit on Fad Classic for a bit.  I’m almost to the point where you join the front and back (yay!) and I’m really hoping that it’s going to turn out ok.  Here’s the terrible photo.

It’s actually smaller than it looks there.  The only problem that I’m having is that the pattern seems to feel I should be on row 1 of the pattern, but I’m on row 3.  I need to get to row 1 before joining, so I think I’ll add an extra 2 rows.  Oh well, it’s pretty teeny looking anyway.

I have to go back to church now, because we’re having a mission for Lent and I have to play.  I’m really glad this came up, because I’ll be missing all my services this next weekend, while we’re in Florida.  Off I go!

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