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Cotton Fleece

Last night I picked up the Fad Classic I started awhile ago.  I managed to get to the point where you join the armholes (thank goodness – they were making me crazy!)  I’m using Shine sport in grass, rather than the Tahki Cotton Classic called for in the pattern.  As an aside, I felt up some cotton classic at the LYS today, and that stuff must be like knitting with rope!  I’d show a picture of the whole thing, but it looks pretty odd right now.  The stitch pattern is actually pretty neat though.

It took me forever to get the front half of the straps done.  Hopefully it will go more quickly now!  I’m a little obsessed with vests right now, and I do hate having UFOs, so I’ll try to make some serious headway on this before I start something else.

Speaking of something else, I went to the LYS today and ended up being enticed by the Cotton Fleece.  I got  Candy apple and Oriental Jade.


I love how the red has been in my house ten minutes and already has a cat hair on it.

The question is, what should I make from these?  I have these patterns which use about the same amount, all of which would work for cotton fleece.


1. Cherry 2. Rusted Root

Yes, I’m going to make another rusted root, in the (gasp!) recommended yarn.  I’m just not happy with mine, which turned out too drapey in the Shine Sport, and I think I’d like to make a size down as well. And Cherry is just so pretty…

I’m just not sure which color would be best!  I’m leaning towards the jade for Cherry and a red Rusted Root, but I’m not sold on it. One of these will be next after Fad Classic (or after I get tired of Fad Classic and put it away again.)

It’s 60 degrees and sunny today – hello Spring!  I even went to Starbucks and didn’t get coffee! I got iced green tea.  Since my blood is usually 89% coffee, this must mean that the spirit of Spring is infecting me.

We’re going to a Fish Fry tonight, because Marc has been dying to go to a Catholic fish fry (since we are, you know, Catholic.)  We were going to go last weekend, but we got Thai instead.  We won’t go to my church though, it’s too far away… we’ll stick in the neighborhood.  Should be exciting!