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Busy weekend

I had a crazy busy weekend, including: a recital by my students, a wedding, 3 church services, 1 more service I had to attend, 2 dinners with friends, and an Oscar party.  I don’t really enjoy being that busy, so in spite of the fact that it was mostly fun, I’ll be glad to have some downtime now.

Ms. Marigold and I are friends again now.  I’m past the point I was on the first one, and instead of measuring 35″ in the bust it’s measuring somewhere around 29″ and it fits… so yay for that.  I am doing some waist decreases now, and I’m hoping it turns out well!  I’m wanting to wear this over a little lacy short sleeved shirt, perhaps one with puffy sleeves.  I saw a perfect one at Target yesterday, but alas they did not have my size.  I also need desperately to buy some new tank tops, as all mine have gotten rather shorter over time, but I just hate spending money on clothes, no matter how much I need them.

I ripped my barely started Nantucket Jacket because I didn’t like the fabric I was getting after achieving gauge with Cascade 220.  I swear, I’m having the most trouble finding a yarn for this jacket.  But I still want to make it!  The pattern is just interesting enough to me (you hear me, cable down raglan?)  Interesting enough to me means that I can keep track of it while watching tv.  I’ve just about decided to break down and buy the recommended yarn.  Now that I’ve actually made it through a portion of the pattern I can see how much I like it, so… even if I think it’s overpriced I may go for it.  The question is, what color?

I really like the color used in the model.   I generally tend to stay away from colors that may mimic my hair color though.  I’ve been picturing a nice heathered brown, and they do have one.  The Berroco pure merino heathers are more than the regular yarns, which I think is silly.  But they have a green  I swear that I’m trying not to make everything green, but it’s hard!  I know it’s my best color, and I’m so attracted to anything green that it’s crazy!  And then there’s the dark brown in the regular merino, which I think looks rather plain.  

Plus I now have 2 extra sets of brown yarn (thank God Fitted Knits calls for so much cascade and I can use it up!) so I’m leaning to the green or the orange.  Here’s the nantucket jacket, in case anyone has forgotten.  I’d love opinions!

6 thoughts on “Busy weekend

  1. I vote for the heathered brown. Since it’s a jacket, it will be a nice neutral for most shirts underneath (as opposed to the green). I agree that the rust color is too close to your hair color (even though I wear brown sweaters and my hair is brown!).

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