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Happy Ash Wednesday!

I hope everyone had a lovely fat Tuesday!  We had a dinner and then went to Meijer (exciting I know!)

Today is Ash Wednesday, which  means the most  crowded church service of the year (because there’s only one, unlike big holidays) and me playing the song “Ashes” about 900 times.  Plus I have to teach.

Ms. Marigold is coming along.  Marc and I are watching the whole Buffyverse saga together, since he’d never seen them, and we’ve just gotten to the exciting part of Angel Season 4.  We watched 3 episodes last night, which is just unheard of!  I knit on Ms. Marigold.  One more inch and I can join into the round!

Having just knit another sweater with a deep neck (Sahara) I have to say that I much prefer the way that this pattern has you work the armholes.  Sahara had you work them both at once, using 2 different balls of yarn.  I hated that, because the yarn was constantly getting tangled, and I kept getting confused on where to turn around.  In fact, this is why I put down the Fad Classic vest almost immediately after starting.  It makes more sense to me to work them separately and just keep track of how many rows you do.  I think I’ll try that on the vest.  This is why I don’t knit 2 sleeves at once either, or 2 socks.  It makes me batty keeping up with the yarn.

I’ve been so focused on work/life/wedding planning that I’ve just realized that in 2 and a half weeks we will be in Disneyworld!  Marc has a work conference for a few days, and I do not turn down a chance to go for free (well, for cheap… we still have to buy my park ticket.)  I’m usually an obsessed planner about vacations, but I guess I’ve been busy.  Time to get cracking!

2 thoughts on “Happy Ash Wednesday!

  1. I don’t know which Ash Wednesday hymn I dislike more: Ashes, or one of those gifts from the 70s: Hosea. I’m betting I will hear both this evening.

  2. I made my husband watch all the Buffy episodes as well! At first he was hesitant, but after season 2 he really got into it and enjoyed it. We’re going to start the Angel series whenver we can get around to buying them! 🙂

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