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Upcoming books…

I don’t usually get too excited about knitting books.  I have quite a few in my collection, but I find that I’m more likely to actually make something from an online pattern or a magazine.  But this book… I need it!

That’s right… it’s Mr. Funky’s Super Crochet Wonderful! What is that creature on the left – is it a hampster?  A mouse?  A gerbil?  Well, whatever it is, it’s wearing a purse, and I need to make one.

Of course, I was at Amazon repeatedly adding to my cart, and then removing, Stephanie Japel’s Fitted Knits.

When I first heard this book was coming out, I was not at all excited.  Other than the Simple Knitted Bodice (which I won’t be making because I fear the sizing issues,) her designs haven’t really appealed to me that much.   Too many bobbles etc thrown in there… I’m more of a simple girl.  But then I saw pictures of the projects, and now I must own it.  There’s a vest pattern I adore, and several really cute cardigan sweaters (the cardigan owns me!)  Plus, everything top down?  I’m all about that.

I’m interested in “No Sheep for you” and “Lace style” as well, but Amazon doesn’t have them in stock yet.    I think I’ll need to see them in person to decide if I “need them,” and besides, the library will no doubt get some copies, as they seem to buy tons of all the Interweave press books and magazines.

5 thoughts on “Upcoming books…

  1. I have been doing the same thing with the Fitted Knits book. I’m going to wait until I can flip through it in person. Hopefully I can find it in a bookstore soon!

  2. Same here on the Fitted Knits… in and out. I also have No Sheep… and Lace Style in my cart awaiting their release.

    Did you see that I knit the Cropped Cardi you’re making last year. We do have very, very similar taste! But I didn’t read the pattern right and didn’t do the ribbing on the bottom half of the sweater so I want to re-do that sometime… maybe.

    Where did you see pics from Fitted Knits?

  3. I was anxious for Fitted Knits, but I flipped through it in person and was underwhelmed. Interesting stuff, but the features all seemed too big and bold to me.

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