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I promised pictures of Sahara today, and I deliver – even if it is snowing like mad!


This one says “The neighbors just came out, and they clearly think we’ve gone mad.”

Ok, the stats

Pattern: Sahara, from Stitch diva

Size: Small

Yarn: Cascade Pima Silk

Needles: US Sizes 6 and 4

Notes: This one blocked out a bit nicer than I thought.  The yarn is really gorgeous, and I would definitely use it again.  I love the color.  The hem in the front wants to pull up a bit because of the neckline, so I’m still considering redoing the hemline on smaller needles.. . although probably I’m going to leave it alone.  I think the neckline is definitely the best feature.  I really wish I could wear it without a tank underneath, but I don’t like seeing my bra through the lace (even a flesh toned bra) so I don’t think that will work.  I’m not that big on layering, I always feel lumpy.

My only real modification was the sleeves, which I made elbow length to cover up the too big armholes.  I think I like them better that length anyway.

I’m going to call this sweater a success overall – it’s cute, and did I mention I love the color?  I think I’ll wear it to work tonight and see if anyone accuses me of making it myself.  Hee.

Moving on, the cropped cardigan will be done in the next day or two.  This is a really simple pattern, but so far I love the results (I’ve just finished the body.)  After that I’m going to make the Cable down raglan from the new Interweave.  I got my yarn today!

That’s the recommended yarn.  I love the color, which is a little more gray than it looks here.  I think I’m going to make the 31″ size.  The modeled size is 34, and I think it’s a little bit big for the model.  I hope that works out for me.  The yarn I bought is really lovely and soft, and I can see how the cables will look nice in it – the twist seems to be tighter than most merinos.  And it’s superwash, although I will not be machine washing any of my handknits ever.

I’m going to go back to my cardigan now!

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Upcoming books…

I don’t usually get too excited about knitting books.  I have quite a few in my collection, but I find that I’m more likely to actually make something from an online pattern or a magazine.  But this book… I need it!

That’s right… it’s Mr. Funky’s Super Crochet Wonderful! What is that creature on the left – is it a hampster?  A mouse?  A gerbil?  Well, whatever it is, it’s wearing a purse, and I need to make one.

Of course, I was at Amazon repeatedly adding to my cart, and then removing, Stephanie Japel’s Fitted Knits.

When I first heard this book was coming out, I was not at all excited.  Other than the Simple Knitted Bodice (which I won’t be making because I fear the sizing issues,) her designs haven’t really appealed to me that much.   Too many bobbles etc thrown in there… I’m more of a simple girl.  But then I saw pictures of the projects, and now I must own it.  There’s a vest pattern I adore, and several really cute cardigan sweaters (the cardigan owns me!)  Plus, everything top down?  I’m all about that.

I’m interested in “No Sheep for you” and “Lace style” as well, but Amazon doesn’t have them in stock yet.    I think I’ll need to see them in person to decide if I “need them,” and besides, the library will no doubt get some copies, as they seem to buy tons of all the Interweave press books and magazines.