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World’s fastest sweater

Yesterday afternoon I cast on for the Blue Sky Cropped Cardigan

It’s knit with sport weight yarn doubled on big needles (size 11, but I went down to 10.5 for a nicer fabric.)  I’m making the XS, which just looks ridiculously teeny here.  I’m trying to keep in mind that it has a low wide neckline and is not designed to meet in the front the way I’ve made it here (as a side note, you see how there’s only one end cap on my needles?  That’s because the cats are hoarding every single one somewhere, probably in the same place they lose all their catnip mice.  Give me back my stuff!) Ahem.  Anyway, I think I’ll take it off the needles and try it on now.  The Frog Tree alpaca is just yummy to work with.  After making a cotton/silk sweater, it’s so nice to play with some nice soft yarn.  The Pima silk was soft and all, but cotton always dries my hands out something fierce.

I’m trying to decide if I want to go buy some size 9 DPNs to do the ribbing on the sleeves.  I could magic loop them since they aren’t too long, but I do hate doing magic loop.  I’ll probably suck it up and ML it, since I’ve never before needed size 9 dpns, and I think it’s unlikely that I will start.

After this, my next project lined up will be the Cable Down Raglan from the new Interweave knits.  There’s already a KAL thread on craftster, and also a new KAL blog for knits from Interweave knits here.  I am totally all over that.  I always plan to knit things from the magazine but them forget about them.

I bought the recommended yarn for the cable down raglan (crazy, I know!) off of ebay yesterday.  I chose grape, which is a greyish lavender.

Picture from the ebay seller here.  They have a few other colors, and the price is fabulous.  I highly recommend their customer service – I had to call in my cc# since I hate paypal, and they were so nice about it!

I already got a shipping notice for the yarn (USPS, yay!) so it should be ready to start once I finish my quick cropped cardi.

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