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New yarn!

I ripped back the sleeves on sahara, and I’m really hoping I have enough yarn so that they don’t end up at a dorky length (at least elbow length.)

But I have new yarn to cheer me up! I did my best with photos, even if it is an incredibly gloomy day.

This is the Cascade 220 that I’ve chosen for my Nantucket jacket. It’s a little more brown than it looks here. My plan is to work the jacket off and on during the spring and summer, so that it will be ready for fall without being too stressful.

Charcoal frog tree alpaca to make the Blue Sky cropped cardigan. This is my test run for Alpaca. I’ve been terrified of making an alpaca sweater because of the itch factor, even though I’m not really at all sensitive to such things, and I’ve never found Alpaca scratchy. This should be a super quick knit, on big needles with doubled yarn, so we’ll see. I think this will be next after Sahara.

Jaeger Trinity in water, on closeout for a great price. This is a silk/cotton/nylon blend. I bought it for Zephystyle’s glee sweater, but we’ll see if that works. This one is cheating since I got it awhile ago, but I realized I had never taken proper photos of its crunchy loveliness! Amazing yardage – each of these balls has over 200 yards.

And just to show that I’m not totally living on neutral island, Cascade Pima tencel in Teal. This is a seriously intense color, and so soft! I love yarns with Tencel, even if they do tend to be a bit sheddy. I want this to be a sizzle tank. I had some red yarn stashed for that knit, but with my hair being what it is now the red was clashing. I think this yarn has enough sizzle!

My current insane knitting pace (and some destashing) has led to me being short on yarn for sweaters. There was a question about my pace in the comments. I think it’s a combo of knitting small sweaters with my lack of a stressful work situation. Since I work in the evenings I have all day to knit, and I do. I also knit a lot of things with acres of stockinette stitch, and I am pretty quick with that. I also knit continental style, which is much faster for me. And I have a Netflix subscription, which leads to a compulsive need to watch 4 Star trek episodes at a time.

I also think that since I work with my hands for a living as a pianist, my fingers are pretty good at moving really quickly. I’m in a knitting period… eventually that will slow down, and I’ll go back to turning out a sock every few weeks.

6 thoughts on “New yarn!

  1. I am knitting the Cropped Cardigan right now with Knitpicks Andean Treasure (a DK weight 100% alpaca yarn). I had the roughest time getting gauge! I had to go down to a size 9 – Hope you have bettery luck – I also think it is going to curl like the dickens. Good luck with Sahara – I can’t wait to see how yours turns out.

  2. Love your yarn choices! I think its wild that we seem to have very similar taste in patterns!! I have the yarn/patterns for many of the same knits as you!

  3. Fun loot. You can always test the alpaca by stuffing your gauge swatch down your shirt and see if it starts to be itchy. That’s what I should have done instead of ignoring my misgivings and knitting the whole thing. Although, if you haven’t had any probs before, you will probably be okay.

  4. I adore alpaca but also can find it itchy sometimes (I can’t do mohair AT ALL). Sadly I’ve found the Frog Tree to be the most itchy of all, even after washing. I love the company though and what they do! Alpaca blends have worked best for me. Good luck!

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