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Sahara progress report

Sahara is now down to the bottom ribbing. Here it is after I tried it on (the fit is perfect so far!)

I’ve made and ripped the shirt tail hem twice today. Apparently I lack skills at picking up wrapped stitches. I can wrap them fine, but when I pick up the wrap it always looks really loose. After the second time ripping I decided to try the sweater on, and since I like the fit so much I think I’ll just skip the shirttail hem and go to the ribbing. I don’t really like the look of it anyway, and it’s being a pain. I’m going to do the lace without going down a needle size for the bottom hem, and bind off with one size larger. I think this should compensate for the different hem and the lack of ease.

I also printed our “Save the Date” cards today. I love them!

Feel free to check out our wedding website. I know it’s lame, but I just couldn’t come up with much. I hate talking about myself (when it isn’t about knitting!) We also booked our photographer this week. Things are getting there!

3 thoughts on “Sahara progress report

  1. For some reason I keep googling about knitting and ending up on your blog. I google Wicked, which I recently completed and here I am. I google the mysterious “Soft Linen” voila… and I’m going to soon begin knitting Sahara!

    I am just finishing putting address labels on my save the date cards too. My wedding is July 1. When are you getting hitched?

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