It’s one of those days.  Lots of blah and I’ve only knit one row.

Does anyone besides me hate talking on the phone?  I will avoid calling strangers at any cost, no matter what the reason.  Right now I’ve got a difficult call to make, and I keep coming up with reasons not to make it.  I’m naturally shy, but I can usually deal in person.  On the phone I feel totally useless.  Any tips for making difficult calls?

Thus ends my day of absolutely no knitting content.  Maybe I’ll try to knit a few rows before I go to sleep… usually that makes me feel better!

5 thoughts on “*sigh*

  1. I hate talking on the phone too. All my friends complain that I don’t answer. If I don’t answer, I don’t feel like talking!

    I am in Kentucky too, and it’s FREEZING isn’t it?? I can’t stand this cold weather!

  2. I hate talking on the phone especially to strangers. It’s funny cuz my favorite job is as a receptionist, but I am not calling them just answering their questions and directing them.

    My husband gets frustrated with my lack of desire to call pizza people. I would order over the internet but my town does not have that kind of connection. GRR…

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