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After my crappy crappy day yesterday (did I mention my sad attempt to find the new IW knits?) Something came in the mail to make me feel better.

Blue sky organic cotton in Thistle.  I’m going to make their Fitted Tank pattern once the weather starts to warm up. (Yes, I’m using the recommended yarn, isn’t that crazy?)

Of course, this yarn is the backordered part of my last WEBS order (the one that UPS won’t deliver) and was shipped a week after the other yarn.  I swear, I need to start some sort of USPS fan club.  My postman never lets me down!

I spend a lot of time taking photos on either the dining table or a nearby radiator.  Today I realized that I always look down and see the exact same thing.

Poor Leon.  He wants in on the action.
Today is apparently “fix things” day around here.  The dining room looks like this; we’re rehanging this door, which won’t shut properly.

(ignore the dust bunnies please, and look at Leon’s tail above… constant vigilance is required so that they don’t rise up and kill us in our sleep)



It’s one of those days.  Lots of blah and I’ve only knit one row.

Does anyone besides me hate talking on the phone?  I will avoid calling strangers at any cost, no matter what the reason.  Right now I’ve got a difficult call to make, and I keep coming up with reasons not to make it.  I’m naturally shy, but I can usually deal in person.  On the phone I feel totally useless.  Any tips for making difficult calls?

Thus ends my day of absolutely no knitting content.  Maybe I’ll try to knit a few rows before I go to sleep… usually that makes me feel better!