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Warning… rant ahead.

Does anyone else hate UPS as much as I do?  I’m expecting a package from WEBS.  Yesterday I got a note, in spite of being at home until 4:50 pm waiting for them.  Ok, sure… seems a little late to me, but whatever.  I figure I’ll get it Friday.  Today I got another note… and I’ve been home all day.  They didn’t ring the bell.   They may have knocked, but honestly… Our condo is on the 2nd floor, so knocking downstairs does absolutely nothing.  I really don’t understand why they won’t leave packages.  They leave packages for one of our neighbors in the building.  According to UPS we live in a “high crime area” (which, of course, explains why the house next door just sold for 500k) and we don’t have a screen door.

And now, since UPS doesn’t deliver on Saturday they’ll try again Monday.  I think I’m going to call them and tell them I’ll just pick it up.   Picking up packages from UPS involves driving to the airport (which has a UPS hub) and driving all the way in the back, practically onto a runway, just in order to get your package which they’ve already tried to deliver 3 times.  This cannot be cost effective for them.  It also takes at least a week for any package to arrive UPS while the postal service takes only a few days (and leaves my packages for me!)  It’s gotten to the point that I don’t like ordering from places that only offer UPS.  I still order from WEBs because I’m weak, but I always have these problems.

I ordered from littleknits yesterday (GGH Java and Sir Galli from the full bag sale… a great deal, go check it out if you haven’t!) and noticed that they are now shipping UPS by default.  They had a very good list of reasons why on their blog, but I still made sure to change it to the USPS option.  UPS has better tracking, but their packages seem more likely to show up 2 weeks late, looking like the truck backed over them.  I appreciate them still offering options, that’s what I like to see in an online retailer.  I wish WEBs would do that instead of doing the “over 2 pounds ships UPS always” rule.  It makes me hesitate to order.  The post office has only lost one package for me ever, and that was during the Christmas rush.

Sorry for the whine, but I want my yarn!

Ok, calming down… or trying to!  I’m still working on Sahara, and have now joined in the round (yay for no more purling!)  I think the design of this sweater is really clever.  No pictures because it looks the same, just longer.  Also, photobucket sent me an email warning me that I’m about to hit my limit, so anything I post will die anyway.  It should reset soon, so if pictures go away that’s what’s happened.  If it happens again next month I’ll go ahead and upgrade, I just want to make sure that my amount of traffic is steady.

Tonight we’re going with my Mom to have dinner with Marc’s parents.  I am somewhat nervous about this, even if I shouldn’t be.  It just seems like world colliding that shouldn’t ever meet.  It will be ok though, right?

Ok, off to knit on Sahara and attempt to not be angry at my UPS guy anymore.

4 thoughts on “Warning… rant ahead.

  1. My UPS guy has the opposite idea. He knocks lightly and then leaves things on the step in plain view. We have a screen door and schrubery (sp?). One day i was sitting on the couch near the door and in the time it took me to get up he was almost back in his truck. What happened to customer service?

    Hope you get the package soon

  2. stumbled upon your blog looking for patterns. i can only aspire to actually make wearable things someday.

    i can’t quite get the patience that it takes for knitting, though. i know how to do it, i just get distracted.

    of course, i’ve only been doing it for a month or so.

    alas. still learning. i’ll just stalk your blog and be impressed by what you can accomplish.

    maybe someday

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