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I have sleeves!

Last night I managed to attach the front and back of Sahara.

This photo shows the color much more accurately than yesterday’s.  So far Sahara has been a quick knit, since it’s all stockinette (ah stockinette… how I love you!)  Soon I will join and begin knitting in the round, which means no more purling (so exciting!)  I’m making the Small, the second size, and so far it looks teeny… but I’m pretty sure it will be just fine.

Phildar sent me an email informing me that (I think) they addressed my package wrong and are resending.  In the meantime, Wenday at Knit and Tonic has a new jacket pattern.

I will admit to having a great affection for swingy coats, but I’m not entirely certain how they look on me.  To add to the list or not?  Hmm…

4 thoughts on “I have sleeves!

  1. That sucks about your Phildar mags. I ordered mine when they had their 40% off sale a few weeks ago and they arrived in less than two weeks. I do love Wendy’s new coat. I think it’d look great in slate blue.

  2. Great progress on Sahara. I just finished mine and LOVE it. It’s a smart pattern. Definitely try on as you go – I added a few extra decreases as I went. Have fun!

  3. I love that color you are using for Sahara!! and I’ve recently become obsessed with swing coats too. I love Wendy’s coat but I think I’m going to make the Phildar Swing Jacket that’s in the Fall issue.

  4. I used Cascade Pima Silk for my SKB and love it!! Enjoy Sahara, it’s a fun knit. Your Wicked looks great too. I’ve been debating on a pocket or not but after seeing yours, I think I’ll leave it without.

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