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Snowed in

Ok, so maybe we aren’t snowed in, but I feel like we are!  We’re getting the first real snow we’ve had all winter.

Yes, that photo came from the fire escape because it’s too cold to leave!  I’m really hoping that choir rehearsal is canceled tonight.  If not, I’m going to have to make Marc go with me, which I just hate to do.  My car (the VW bug you see in the photo) is not what I would call good in snow, and since I managed to break our other car yesterday, I don’t really want to drive 30 minutes to the outlying suburbs (where they don’t salt the neighborhood streets).  It’s still snowing, so we’ll see where it ends up.  And yes, I know this may seem crazy for an inch and a half of snow, but trust me.  We don’t get much snow here, and no one knows how to drive in it.  Once we got 12 inches in a freak snowstorm and the entire city shut down for weeks.  Marc, who lived in Wisconsin from 97-2001 just laughs at all this.

So yeah… hoping for a cancellation!

My entry last night managed to convince me that Ariann needed to be put aside for awhile, so I started on Sahara instead.

The purple is my provisional cast on.  I’m making Sahara in Cascade Pima Silk, and so far I just love it. I got gauge right away, which almost never happens, and the fabric is nice and drapey.  The color is a bit more olive than in the photo, but it’s pretty close.  Here’s a close up of the stitches.

In spire of the silk content this is a pretty matte yarn, but it has a slight haze, which I think you can see well in the above photo.

My plan is to finish the sweater up to the sleeves, and then see how much yarn I have left before deciding on a length.

I hope everyone is keeping warm today!

3 thoughts on “Snowed in

  1. I originally came here from Craftster because of your great Wicked sweater, and I have enjoyed reading through your archives.

    I’ve been knitting for a few years now, and am always skittish to start sweaters. But I’m going to give it a go with Wicked!

    Take care and good luck with the snow!

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