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A new start

 Thanks to everyone for your kind comments on my Wicked.  I’ve worn it twice since it was completed, and gotten compliments that weren’t based on the idea that I made it.  Definitely a success!

I wrote last week that I’d cast on for Ariann.  I’ve only had a little bit of time to work on her since then, but here’s a shot of my progress.

I’m right at the point where you start the waist decreases.  Isn’t the yarn color pretty?  It’s one of the Cascade 220 heathers in (I believe) Shire.  Of course it has to be green!  I’m pretty impressed with Cascade 220.  I’ve never used it before, and I was expecting it to be rough – but I find it to be at an agreeable level of softness.  I’m even going to make my Nantucket Jacket out of a brown heathered shade, having failed to get gauge with the yarn I had planned for it.

Last night we went to a Superbowl party, and since I don’t care at all about football (and I knew there would be two other knitting spouses there) I brought Ariann.  We ended up just talking wedding though.  The host of the party is going to be our DJ, and he was enjoying himself coming up with songs I wouldn’t want played.  I think he’ll do a great job in spite of the teasing, so I just kid!

And how awesome was that Robert Goulet commercial?  I have to confess here of my secret love of the Goulet… much like the Shat he’s a guilty pleasure of mine.  I even saw him the last time he did Camelot.  I love the cheese, and I love anyone who can make fun of themselves that much!

Anyway, the reason why I haven’t progressed too much on Ariann is that I’m second guessing the size decision.  I’m making the size Small, which claims to have finished dimensions of 35.5 inches in the bust.  My actual measurement is 33.5″, so ordinarily I would make the XS, which claims exactly those measurements.  But I’ve seen all over the net (including at the KAL) that Ariann runs really small… and I’ve seen plenty of people who look tiny complaining that the XS is too small for them to button.  I want to button mine like in the modeled photo (I love the belt) so I don’t want negative ease.  Plus my gauge was running a tiny bit small (and I mean a tiny bit) so I’m hoping that it will all even out.  Ah well… I suppose I will forge on, unless anyone has any words of wisdom.

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